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  1. Philotheos

    in-game search issue

    The exact phrase feature searches for things that contain exactly that phrase. It's useful when looking up things that have multiple words. LoSS is only one word, so everything is working exactly as it should be.

  3. Nothing better than digging through lots and lots of PMs. If you sent me an PM and were awaiting a response, fear not, it may be on its way.

  4. is causing trouble. Again.

  5. Philotheos

    Declaration of war

    [quote name='Manwe' timestamp='1318101600' post='2821001'] Joke thread [/quote] Fun Hater.
  6. Philotheos

    Declaration of war

    [quote name='Megabyte' timestamp='1318051192' post='2820540'] I have it sigged... [/quote] And here we were all thinking he'd gone and looked it up.
  7. Philotheos

    Declaration of war

    I can take HK47 easy. Question is, how will you hold up?
  8. Philotheos

    Declaration of war

    Well this has been a long time coming. Ya'll are going down.
  9. Philotheos

    How to access my nation?

    You successfully created an account "Mansa Musa III" on April 21st. Try and log into that. If you are unsuccessful, please send me a message on the forums, and we will go from there.
  10. No one was posted here in over a year. I'll drop some love in this box.