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Dragon Empire Capitol Markets (DECM) go online!

Maelstrom Vortex

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OOC: Pardon, Capital, not Capitol.. :psyduck: Guess who just got his stock market!

The free market portion of the Dragon Empire economic system has gone global today with the opening of the incredibly large DECM Building in downtown Dragonisia. The Building is currently housed underground in the center of the capitol, but during times of peace an elevator system will move it to the surface to bathe in glorious sunlight. The Building is part of the "Sword Complex" of the downtown capitol which includes the Great Temple, the DECM Capital Markets, and the war memorial which is currently under construction.

DECM Trading Center, Dragonisia, The Dragon Empire


"Those nations which have a friendship treaty with the Empire are cordially invited to send their banks and capital funds to participate on the trading floor. There will be a small access fee of course, but for the availability to one of the largest economies in the world it is a modest price." Stated Economics Minister Dawson Jones. "I also would like to announce an indexing service which will be run by myself and the Dragon Empire National Bank and the Dragon Empire Sovereign Wealth Fund... It will be called the Dawson Jones Industrial Average, and will include the top 100 performing companies on the DECM."

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OOC: Hehe...congrats. :awesome:

IC: Byzantium congratulates the Dragon Empire on its achievement, and watches this with utmost interest. We shall send one branch of the Byzantine National Banking Corporation (the national bank of Byzantium) to operate in the DECM Trading Center.

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ooc: Is it practical? Not really, it's a real waste of money for most intents and purposes. Is it feasible?... ohh boy.. that's a very big question. I can only say that I think so but only in very seismically stable areas and only if you moved the structure very.. very slowly.

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Four companies from Great Lakes State wish to set up branches in the DECM.

Company Name: ExIm Corp

What sector does the Company work in? Selling and processing oil, coal, gas, natural gas, electricity, and other types of fuel. Also sells many types of metal, such as aluminum, iron, lead, nickel, zinc, and etc.

Company Name: Parza

What sector does the Company work in?: Sells and process many types of metal, such as aluminum, iron, lead, nickel, zinc, and etc. Also produce and sells electronic devices, such as TVs, computers, and etc

Company Name: Corpal

What sector does the Company work in? Banking/Financing

Company Name: Larpal Transport

What sector does the Company work in? Transporting goods and raw materials, transportation services for industry.

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