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Assassination (attempt) in Pretoria


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PRETORIA [Radio-Transvaal]: This just in: Prime Minister Hendrik Strijdom has been shot. His condition is unknown as he was rushed to the Transvaal Gesondheidsorg hospital in Pretoria for medical attention.

Deputy Prime Minister JM Hertzog and Interior Minister G Boersma were then placed in protective care for security purposes as the Federal Government ascertained the situation.

No political group has claimed responsibility and the identity or identities of the assassin(s) is unknown but witness at Government House report that three shots rang out during this morning’s debate in the National Assembly.

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PRETORIA [Radio-Transvaal]: According to unconfirmed reports, a second assassination attempt has taken place. African Affairs minister, Paramount Chief Govan Lethu Mauntang has been stabbled and apparently died in a second attempt at Government House. The attack apparently occured during the evacuation of the National Assembly after Prime Minister Strijdom was shot during a speech he was giving this morning.

Prime Minister Strijdom's condition is still unknown or unconfirmed.

In reaction to today's events, Staatspresident Botha has enacted a state of emergency and declared martial law throughout the Federal Republic. All flights and shipping to and from Transvaal have been cancelled and the military ahs been placed on full alert.

The Interior Ministry has announced that two suspects have since been arrested, both are Black Africans - one in his teens and another in his early 30s.

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The Franzharian government was in an utter state of shock upon recieving this news.

"Sure, we had our disagreements with him [strijdom], but no one deserves that. No one." said an anonymous Senator.

"My prayers to the Strijdoms and the Mauntangs." said Bishop Robert Untner, of the High Anglican Church of Franzharia

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BLOEMFONTEIN [Radio-Transvaal] - A third assassination attack today has been been confirmed by the Federal Government.

The outspoken cleric, the Reverend Erasmus Du Toit at last reports was being airlifted to the Transvaal Gesondheidsorg hospital in Pretoria after lapsing into a coma when he was struck down from a lone gunman during a noon service at his local church. One black woman was arrested on the scene by church security and turned over to the custody Interior Ministry.

The government denies rumours that the three attacks were co-ordinated, although there are scattered unconfirmed reports that a hitherto unknown group calling itself the Azarian Resistance Movement is claiming responsibility.

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Secret Bunker....Somewhere

"So, someone is trying to kill off the Transvaler Government. Hopefully Botha gets things under control soon. Though I can't say I feel too sorry for Erasmus, I've already forgiven Strijdom, and hope he recovers."

Lord Temujihn

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OOC: Any nations which maintain embassies in Transvaal will be noticing that their contact with the outside world is being severely disrupted. Those nations with news service departments will be finiding their dispatches are being heavily censored by the government. many newsreporters have been outrigth arrested.

From what little news that is leaking out it, it appears that a major uprising of some sort is underway in the townships of Johannesburg in what appears to be the most largest internal threat to the Federal Government since independence. There have been wild rumours of military troops opening fire on black civilians as well as Lugmag bombers dropping ordinance over the skies of Soweto.

The Federal Government has not officially annoucned anything yet - however TeleTransvaal has been told to be ready for a national broadcast in 3 to 4 hours.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast for this important message from our Staatspresident:

[cue Transvaal national anthem]

Men and women of Transvaal, today our beloved nation was struck hard by the forces of terror and lawlessness.

During this morning’s session at the National Assembly, an armed security guard fired three gunshots at Prime Minister Hendrik Strijdom, injuring him severely in the chest, back, and leg. He was taken to Pretoria Hospital and operated one to remove the bullets lodged in his body. He is now in intensive care where his condition is classed as serious but stable. Doctors are hoping he will be able to walk again but will be incapacitated for at least a month.

During this period until Prime Minister Strijdom’s return, Deputy Prime Minister Jakob Hertzog will be acting prime minister and head of the government. Interior Minister Gert Boersma will be acting deputy prime minister.

The security guard responsible for this disgusting and reprehensible act was then subdued and arrested. He is currently being detained at a secret location in military custody.

During the confusion which broke out at Government House during the evacuation of the building, African Affairs minister and Paramount Chief Govan Lethu Mauntang was stabbed and killed. The perpetrator of this heinous then immediately surrendered to police.

Ms. Judith Matambanadzo has been recalled from her ambassadorial post in PDSAR to be appointed as Mr. Mauntang’s replacement.

One hour later, in Bloemfontein, the Reverend Erasmus Du Toit was attacked by a female gunman during his daily service. Brave members of the congregation were able to subdue the assassin however before authorities were able to arrive on the scene to make an arrest, this woman was killed in revenge by the congregation.

Reverend Du Toit is currently in a coma at Bloemfontein Clinic. Should he recover, it is highly doubtful the reverend will be able to walk again as early diagnosis appears that one of the bullets severed his spinal chord.

These acts of terrorism will not be tolerated and all persons involved in their perpetrations will be dealt with harshly under the powers of our laws.

Until further notice, the entire Federal Republic is under martial law and a dusk to dawn curfew.

Transvaal forever onwards!

With the camera now truned off, the weary Staatspresident got up from his desk and walked to the conference room adjoining his private office. Waiting for him were all his government ministers – save for two empty seats, one for Strijdom and then other Mauntang’s.

“Gentlemen, give me your reports - please on the immediate situation” barked the Staatspresident.

Marshal Cruywagen spoke first: “Sir, the airforce and navy are under our complete control – however one quarter of the army has sided with the rebels while another quarter have dissipated and gone AWOL.”

Interior Minister Boersma spoke next: “It appears we have lost control over the black suburban areas around Johannesburg which are now under mob rule. Most of Rhodesia is up in arms and we have lost effective control over Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, and Northern Mozambique.”

Botha grimanced. “What is the threat to Afrikaner rule?”

Boersma looked at Cruywagen, and then replied: “The suppression of the revolt will be savage and bloody, we are expecting heavy civilian casualties – I would estimate 5% of our population at least. It is my estimate that the rebels have approximately 10,000 armed combatants under their control - plus the support of the majority of Black Africans in the country.”

“Who exactly is behind this revolt?” barked Botha.

“They are calling themselves the Azarian Resistance Movement. We do not know who their leaders are but their demands are nothing less than the end of white minority rule over Southern Africa” replied Marshal Cruywagen.

Finance Minister Marthinus Hofmeyr then scoffed: “Over our dead bodies!”.

“Exactly...” said Boersma, “That is what they want. The assassination attempts were specifically targeted at what ARM deems three pillars of Federal Republican rule, the prime minister who represents the Federal Government, the paramount chief whom they view as a ‘collaborator’, and the head of the Dutch Reformed Church, whose low opinion and vehement hatred of Africans is famous.”

“What are the current actions our forces are taking to contain the violence?” asked Botha.

Cruywagen waited to collect his thoughts before offering an answer. “Our ground forces are arresting anyone in the townships found outside their homes. The air force however has been overzealous in its missions to maintain observation from the air, by launching ground strikes on what they deem ‘terrorist camps’ in the shantytowns.”

“Hmm… while force is our only option, I am not looking forward to the prospects of damage control once this inevitably leaks out to the foreign press” remarked a dismayed Botha. “See to it that the ambassadors friendly to us are fully briefed on the delicate nature of our current counter-revolutionary operations. Tell them we need their moral public support in our situation to combat these terrorists and to contain the social powder keg to prevent a full-out race war from erupting.”

“Gentlemen, that is all. Carry on with your orders and report to me immediately on any worsening of the situation at hand.”

Staatspresident Botha then stood up and retired to his study.

Edited by Botha
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The Tahoe Republic extends its hope and prayers to the families of Prime Minister Strijdom, Mr. Mauntang and Reverend Du Toit and our close friends in the Federal Republic of Transvaal who have had tragedy forced upon them. We condemn in the strongest terms the violent acts of terrorism and illegal armed rebellion commited by the Azarian Resistance Movement and call for their immediate surrender to Transvaler authorities for justice or face destruction.

The Government of the Republic, via our ambassador in Pretoria, has formally offered the assistance of the Tahoan Army Rangers and Military Intelligence to the Government of Transvaal for assistance in dealing with this armed threat to their national security. More expansive military assistance is always possible, should it be requested. Futhermore, any attempt to fund, support or provide haven to the Azarian Resistance Movement will be deemed an act of international terrorism and thus dealt with militarily by the full force of the Tahoe Republic.

Tiocfaidh Ar La!

- Taoiseach Sean O'Deaghaidh

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The Government of the Republic, via our ambassador in Pretoria, has formally offered the assistance of the Tahoan Army Rangers and Military Intelligence to the Government of Transvaal for assistance in dealing with this armed threat to their national security.

The Federal Government of Transvaal would welcome such assistance to take up positions of security around government buildings and installations as Krygsmagte forces are re-directed towards the active combat zones in the rebellious districts. Due to the sensitivities of the situation, we do not want foreign troops involved in actively supressing the rebellion.

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TRANSVALER DAAGLIKSE NUUS EXCLUSIVE - [PRETORIA]: In a bizarre twist of events, the Ministry of Interior has confirmed that the assassin of Govan Lethu Mauntang was the former Springbok soccer player, Paul Nlend Wome.

Wome is a 16-year-old, former junior player who played 2 matches as a forward with the senior Liga Mundo squad before being cut from the club and dealt on the transfer market.

"I felt that I was not given a fair chance in my own country all because of my colour!" said an angry Wome last week to the sporting press after he was notified and given his walking papers. Apparently ARM overheard these words and recruited Wome to take out his frustration by murdering the Paramount Chief. The disgruntled soccer player was then covertly inserted into a cover as a security guard at Government House.

In a statement on behalf of the Springboks, Manager Bartnel Botha [no relation to the Staatspresident] defended his decision to cut Wome, saying that "Race had nothing to do with my decision while his ability had everything to do with it. I oppose racism in sports and have actually tried to acquire more African players for the Springboks to diversify the squad - but to no avail as no suitably talent players for a Primera side have appeared on the market or through the junior ranks. Truth is, black or white, Paul Wome was not going to cut it."

Paul Nlend Wome is currently in detention at an undisclosed location.

Edited by Botha
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Armtha-SS (Diplomatic Security Detachment) soldiers forming up outside the Tahoan Embassy

The Ambassador to the Transvaal Republic: Seamus O'Grianna has authorized 50 soldiers attached to the Tahoan Embassy to be dispatched to Transvaler Government Buildings in Pretoria at the discression of the government of Transvaal. They will be replaced by a platoon of Tahoe Army Rangers (Special Forces who can respond quickly to terrorist threats in Pretoria) and two companies of Armtha-SS troops who will provide streetfront security for government buildings.

Due to the sensitive nature of the current atmosphere in Transvaal, their uniforms will not display rank, unit or national badges and all non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers selected are conversational in Afrikaans, to better interact with Transvaler civilians.

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two companies of Armtha-SS troops who will provide streetfront security for government buildings

One company will actually be deployed to provide immediate security for the Staatspresident and the executive government, as it is unsure just how much ARM has infiltrated the Krygsmagte. Half of Transvaal's regular soldiers are Africans - and around one half of them have since joined the revolt (or revolution as ARM is calling it).

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Black Africans, which are the ethnic majority in Arctica, have reacted positively to the uprising. While the nation has a white-controlled monarchist government which had violently overthrown the previous regime upon arriving at Madagascar, they allowed the blacks equal treatment under the law and overall better treatment of blacks than Transvaal, though Arctica's government definitely would not advertise this for diplomatic reasons.

A crowd appeared outside of the Transvaler embassy in Oceana to protest the government's actions, or at least what they had been informed of through news and rumors. Police units, and since the protest was not registered and scheduled, riot squads responded quickly and formed a barrier between the crowd and the embassy. One woman threw rocks at the police and was promptly removed, but other than that the protest was peaceful. The crowd was mostly black and held signs saying things like "Equality now!"

The state-run Arctican News Service reported the events and government casualties in Transvaal with little emotion, and other news services were split on the subject while private radio stations tended to support the rebels. They said that the rebellion was a logical result of so long a time under a "flawed system set up to keep the few in control while the rest starved. Now they are getting what is coming to them." A few went as far as to warn that Arctica may be going down the same path if it does not make head of state an elected office.

In Pretoria, Ambassador Marko Lalić had been told that his calls were not getting out due to technical difficulties. He had been told of some of the recent assassinations and was getting worried when he got a call in his office. He picked up the phone and the man on the other end began talking immediately. The Transvaler informed him of the situation. It took a while for him to absorb it all.

He responded by explaining that the uprising may have far-reaching consequences in Arctica as well. The native black population of Arctica (about 65% of the total) would sympathize with the rebels because of the similar situation with the white-controlled national government in place, even though Arctica's was much more permissive towards blacks than Transvaal's. His country, Lalić explained, would naturally side with Transvaal's government out of a need for regional security, but it was a balancing act because of the black majority's attitude.

"If I could get calls out to Oceana, I'd see what can be done to help. Don't expect much, though."

So far, no official comment has come from Oceana, but military bases are seeing more activity than usual.

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Map indicating districts of the Federal Republic currently under ARM [Azaria] control


We the freedom fighters of the Azarian Resistance Movement announce our existance to the world. Our organsiation is opposed to white minority rule in Southern Africa and in particular the National Party government in Pretoria.

ARM struggles for the freedom of the African people and the People's Revolution against fascist tyranny. Ours is a struggle in blood and we shall stop at nothing to achieve a liberated Southern Africa.

Today we the oppressed and downtrodden African people of so-called Transvaal proclaim our freedom and independence as the Azarian People's Republic. Our temporary capital is located at Blantyre in Malawi. We welcome all freedom loving people's of the world to recognise our freedom and exchange diplomatic recognition of our liberated Azaria.

Death to the Oppressors! Freedom or Death! Long Live Azaria!


Commander Joseph Mpehle-Mbanjwa

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Arctica's government has been very quiet on this issue. The only communication to come so far is a reply to Azaria's announcement. A mid-ranking diplomatic official makes the statement.

"Pursuant to our foreign policy regarding internal conflicts, Arctica is recognizing Azaria only as a rebelling faction within the Federal Republic of Transvaal. As this is an internal matter of Transvaal, Arctica will not be intervening unless such orders are issued by the appropriate authorities. This will not happen unless the conflict threatens Arctican interests or the appropriate authorities accept a request of aid from Transvaal."

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"The Federal Republic appreciates the strong show of support by our Arctican and Franzharian friends during this recent domestic crisis. The negative re-action from Neo Japan however was expected and comes as no real surprise to our government." - Foreign Minister Peter Stellenbosch

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