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I am The Compound. I was once a rogue like all of you out there. I understand how hard it is to rule your nation while large alliances monopolize the planet bob. Why was cybernations created… so that some big egotistical people can rule us all?? OR for us to be free and Do whatever we want!!! Even if you are part of an alliance, JOIN US in our cause to rid the planet of this infestation that is the “allianceâ€. I say THAT is the real reason for Planet Bob. So join me, and FIGHT the very tyrants that try to control our countries on this glorius Cyberverse!!!!!

If you would like to fight for this nobel cause, please come to this forum and register to see the time of attack… LONG LIVE THE ROGUES!!!!!


You must register and be approved to be allowed in. it is a security measure. Make sure you change your Alliance Affiliation to none or else you will not be allowed in.

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Top Posters In This Topic

go to the forum to sign up. Not protected here.

They are being sarcastic compound, whyd u do this? >.< un-proffessional.

All the people who register are gonna be doing it for lulz....except for me of course! im a rogue for real :jihad:

Bring it on CN!

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As much as I like anarchy and that kind of stuff, I think you don't understand simple survival skills. Say there is a mammoth, and 5 people with spears. One guy can't take it down, they all try by themselfs, they fail. Then, they have the AMAZING idea to WORK TOGETHER for the greater good of getting food. They kill the mammoth.

Ergo, working together is better than staying alone and complaining when people kick your ass because your alone.

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