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Alright, so I had 11,990 infra today and my upkeep was $780.30. I figured I might as well just hit 12k so I bought 10 more. Then, to my surprise, my upkeep went down. At 12,000 even the upkeep is now $776.56.

Nothing else could've changed in the second it took me to buy the infrastructure. Is there something about the 12k that lowers upkeep costs?

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Fereipir posted these Values for infra upkeep:

* 20-99.99 = 0.04 X Infra Level + 20

* 100-199.99 = 0.05 X Infra Level + 20

* 200-299.99 = 0.06 X Infra Level + 20

* 300-499.99 = 0.07 X Infra Level + 20

* 500-699.99 = 0.08 X Infra Level + 20

* 700-999.99 = 0.09 X Infra Level + 20

* 1000-1999.99 = 0.11 X Infra Level + 20

* 2000-2999.99 = 0.13 X Infra Level + 20

* 3000-3999.99 = 0.15 X Infra Level + 20

* 4000-4999.99 = 0.17 X Infra Level + 20

* 5000-7999.99 = 0.1725 X Infra Level + 20

* 8000-14999.99 = 0.175 X Infra Level + 20

So this is incorrect now and there are two values,

8000-11999.99 = 0.175 X Infra Level + 20

12000-14999.99 = ?.??? X Infra Level + 20 (and ?.??? is lower then 0.175?)?

This really seems to be odd, a decrease of upkeep for buying more infra is totally against the usual game mechanics [and KISS]. Imho more slight increase would do a better job:

8000-11999.99 = 0.1735 X Infra Level + 20

12000-14999.99 = 0.174 X Infra Level + 20

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when making suggestions, i am not interested in personal benefit, after all my nation is only some 1s and 0s in a database. I care for the overall betterment of the game itself "as a whole". and a more or less arbitrary exception from common rules is something that increases the probability of future inconsistencies (and therefore possible bugs) a lot. what I want to say is, that if this game evolves further, more mechanisms using the infravalues might be implemented and at some point it might cause trouble to have a special exception-range which does not follow the overall game principles, because it might screw up future modifications/wonders/improvements/mechanics.

I have no problem leaving it how it is, I just think its more benefitial to keep the base principle of the game and just adjust it in a way the wanted effect is gained, instead of creating a arbitrary exception for a special case.

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Infrastructure costs go down slightly at 12,000. This is to help prevent stagnation which would hit at 13,000.

This change has been removed from the game. See today's game update log. Points finger at (DAC)Syzygy. :P

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