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  1. You should just ignore the clowns. The show is not even funny any more. IRON shall just end the war unilaterally and move their nations out of PM and start rebuilding/paying reps whatever the others from the "losing side" do. The adequate response to this nonsense from Gre is just "lol blah blah blah go <snip> yourselves!".
  2. [quote name='Blue Lightning' date='12 April 2010 - 01:43 AM' timestamp='1271029367' post='2256694'] Shamshir: If you're just going to give white peace, then give white peace. If you're going to demand reps, then demand reps. If you want to end this war, then do so. It's completely within your powers to end the war today or tomorrow if you wanted to. The trouble is, you are demanding that you opponents hand over the keys to their alliance to you, and trust that you wont run it into the ground even though you have the power to do so (though your government is just saying "Hand over your allia
  3. [quote name='Matthew PK' date='02 April 2010 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1270163337' post='2244492'] You misunderstood. You asked why I was still here. ... to help steer a ship you abandoned [/quote] Stop spreading this lie of "abandoning". When HellAngel, I, or many of the others left the alliance was not even close to be in danger. We retired after doing a damn great job for many years because it was time. You were not abandoned. You were trusted to keep up our good work. You were GIVEN what we created because we trusted you to continue the legend we started. You were never 'abandoned'. Y
  4. As Ejay already said, the alliance now operating under the AA "The Grämlins" has nothing to do with the one that once has achieved greatness. They are not upholding their own charter. They are not valuing their own laws. They are not Grämlins. Unfortunately the continued hesitation of the old core members to disband the alliance when its spirit was lost, led to the point where a "new group" of people not sharing the principles anchored in the Charters Preamble could legally "take over" and are now enjoying the fame and glory of the old days while soiling the legend every day with their a
  5. I do not agree with your conclusion about the Polar war, which is also an complete other topic and the newly enflamed discussions about it's legality are imho a try to rewrite history. If you want to discuss it and exchange arguments, just search for one of the dozen old topics where both sides explained themselves over and over until the other side didn't even bothered to read any more. That being said I don't count this war as purely aggressive, since there was very good reason to act and while painful, the goal was never to see Polar completely destroyed, nor was ever worked towards that re
  6. We are turning in circles Londo. Your main flaw is the idea that TOP declared on you because TOP hates you. That is not the case. A few members of TOP really dislike you. Very few truly hate you. You have to differentiate very carefully between the reason for entry, the way of entry and the choice of targets. They did enter the conflict as part of a 'side' from which they thought it would doing the right thing. (Polar & \m/ Conflict) They did enter how they did to gain a military advantage, because it was clear you would enter sooner or later on the other side *anyway*. (FirstStrike)
  7. Well Archon, as said before, I have nothing against the idea that you and your allies want to see TOP "bleed/wiped out/reduced to a size where they are not dangerous any more" etc... - knowing both sides of the history between TOP and MK first hand I can understand it. It makes sense even, from your point of view. Our common history should tell you clearly that I am a friend of MK and I worked quite often on both sides of the global politics to prevent conflict and damage - and did so even in times when MK was most vulnerable, isolated and out of power. Some things your history is built on wer
  8. @penkala: If what you just said is true, why was "killing MK" not on the table in the highest Goverment discussions within Citadel (or even Q) over some YEARS? I mean, TOP had more than enough power at these times to entirely and completely burn MK and the few allies they had this time into the ground and leave over nothing but smoldering ruins. Why didn't they? For sure because they are stats-collectors who don't want to fight! TOPs opinion *as alliance* always was: We don't like them (especially don't want them as allies), but in the end we don't care much as long as they leave us and our
  9. Use some logic please. Fact I: - TOP/IRON shot first Conclusion I: - There can't be white peace. Surrender and reparations are *obviously* going to be part of peace terms if they lose this engagement. Fact II: - TOP/IRON have intelligent people in Gov Conclusion II: - They [b]know[/b] about Fact I and Conclusion I So, can everyone stop using this incredibly stupid "white peace" argument? Its a direct insult to everyone who follows the politics of Planet Bob for some years. The reason why I wish this war should end soon is the fact that it started over bullcrap and neither side i
  10. [quote name='Lenex' date='11 February 2010 - 05:49 PM' timestamp='1265906965' post='2174926'] So let me get this right, TOP and Co. declare a pre-emptive strike on CnG, they soon realize it was a mistake, and now CnG is criticized for not yet offering a quick white peace out for them? What? Uh.. I dont even....... [/quote] Correct, you don't even... ...bothered to read. No one is demanding white peace here. Go try again.
  11. [quote name='Commisar Gaunt' date='11 February 2010 - 05:03 PM' timestamp='1265904230' post='2174839'] Don't you have about $750 million on hand to fuel your 18k infra nation [/quote] Its a bit over a billion, well enough for a nation that will have rather small infra bills to pay in a few days and with no plans to rebuild. The day where someone has to teach me about economics still has to come, youngling. Besides that, I never said anything about "white peace" or that C&G does not have the right to strike back. The point is simply that a defender is only a defender as long as there i
  12. @Arthur: If you want to gain friends, you have to invest trust. Even if someone did you wrong. But the fewest have the greatness to do so, while they see themselves on the "stronger side". Hah, no illusions, your leaders don't want that. They want to see TOP defeated over everything else. And they are willing to sacrifice a lot for that "victory". I don't really care for their reasons, but the point stands: the 'defenders' are only defending as long as they are willing to end the fight if possible. If they are not, they are no 'defenders' any more, but seekers of retribution. They will just
  13. [center][img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/cybernations/images/4/48/Gremlins.jpg[/img][/center] Ladies, Gentlemen, I will make it short. While I absolutely do not support TOP's offensive war declaration for obvious reasons, I nonetheless have chosen a side. Their side. My side. Our side. Now some may ask: "Why fight for them if you don't agree with their war?". Because that is my duty as their friend. Not because I want them to [i]win[/i], no for sure not. They made a mistake, both in using offensive war as 'preemptive' strike (veeeery thin reasoning for war imho because I don't be
  14. Thats your interpretation, however, I wonder if now even trying to shut up others in public is your new definition for what Grämlins stands too? You know, value of Freedom of Speech and all that? Long forgotten it seems, like the aim for peaceful solutions. Just to be clear, you guys have not the slightest idea what real *contribution* means. Steel, Hell, Bob, Ejay, myself and a lot of others know because we really created new standards out of nothing. You guys 'took over' what we created over the years. Not only the reputation, not only the foreign relations. You took place in our seats, giv
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