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  1. 3BR on Orange Team: We recently lost a trade partner and need Pigs and Fish only to complete the circle! Please reply here, or message the nation below for details Ruler: Ivegottheskill Nation Name: Dystopia Planitia Thanks
  2. General Witz

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    Hello to any current / former TOP people still here. I've only just made a new nation after losing mine back in 2011-ish, this was sometime after the Bipolar War and move to Pink team. Unfortunately I messed up a tax collection, and just kind of gave up on CN at that point due to the time and work needed to rebuild from scratch My forum name and ruler name was Ivegottheskill, and nation name was Sequestra
  3. General Witz

    Joint Statement

    A fair proposal and a great showing of diplomatic cohesion between all alliances who co-signed this offer, well done to the leadership involved
  4. General Witz

    Iron Supplements

    o/ OG Welcome to the battlefield, classy announcement as always. May the outcome be as you hope
  5. General Witz

    Imperial Decree from the Sith

    o/ NSO Ballsy and honorable; mere Jedi would have sat this out
  6. General Witz

    TOP/OBR Announcement

    I'm pleased to see this treaty come to fruition. Special mention for Kiss Goodbye and Baron de Standersted who I know put much diplomatic effort into this treaty. May both TOP and OBR move onward and upward.
  7. General Witz

    New Wonders/Bonus Resources

    I second this suggestion of colonising the sun. We could mine raw nuclear explosions Added benefits would be doubled nuke power and ability to control global warming
  8. General Witz

    Official Citadel Announcement

    Welcome aboard Argent. This will make it much more difficult for us to betray The Grämlins now Our castle is going to need some renovations... o/ Citadel
  9. o/ TOP members past and present Proud to be part of this great group. Also, nice pip
  10. As a member of TOP, I value the treaties we have and I reject your disgust with the OUT. I am proud of the tough decision TOP made in what is irrefutably tough times; during a war where friends stand on both sides. May we fight well and with honor. Best of luck to our friends and respect to our foes. Paradoxia Vult!
  11. General Witz

    Something Odd

    Here comes the ZI j/k
  12. General Witz

    Alliance War Resignations/Surrenders

    Posting on behalf of "isawakumo" of the GPA Surrendered to TOP