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Looking for a new AA and MoD positon...

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I am bored as usual and looking for a MoD job which is my specialty for entire of my existence and have held many MoD positions and my forte is lower tier warfare obviously...PM me if interested in an old war horse...:ph34r: Also as usual I would do lots of recruiting and have friends across the spectrum for diplomatic endeavors and although I have held IA positions in major AAs in past I am not interested in it other than obviously I help when needed for tech deals or TCs...:blink: Yes I definitely get around but have average of 6 mos to year in most AAs not counting ones I ghost for wars and other dirty deeds...:P  

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3 hours ago, Banned said:

In other news:  Now recruiting for a Harbinger of SLAP.

Well at least you spelled the 1st part right lol...:wub:

2 hours ago, Blackatron said:


God wills it!!!

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11 hours ago, SirWilliam said:

What about the A Team?

A Team will live forever as I am A Team and I will live forever...o7 All treaties and agreements with A Team are still active until further notice.

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