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Nuke the Nukes

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Nukes:  I am relatively new to TE, but it seems the game has a problem with the over abundance of nukes and nuke launches on a daily basis.  First, it would be nice to see that nukes are harder to get (not to the top 5%) like currently is set, but make all buy the Manhattan for $10 mil if we want some nukes.  Second, there should be more than one day of war before a nuke is fired.  Maybe by the third day.  Let the other forces do their work first.


The new improvements in CN look promising.  Will they make it into TE?


A few thoughts come to mind here: 


1.  Why doesn't the airforce have some options like naval.  How about a Top Gun training facility or something that improves the airforce capability?

2.  Why are their just the plain soldiers?  How about some army training academies, some marine facilities, etc. that have an effect similar to naval?

3.  Since we already have some stadiums, how about some sport franchises that improve the nation with maybe some variation on how good the team(s) supposedly are ...  Or do we need a sports industry wonder?

4.  Alliance size.  Should we have a limit on an Alliance size?  Would we be better off with more alliances of 20 or so nations than one or two at 50?

5.  No war zone extension ... as a war chest is crucial in this game as proved by myself in the wrong manner, how about extending the no war time 2 days?  However, in day 6 and 7, you rest and cannot build or buy anything new?

6.  War weariness.  As the charts are becoming popular and other variations in the game, should there be a war weariness meter and effect of war weariness on a nation.  I mean shouldn't a nation that attacks 4 nations every day constantly be more war weary than someone who is fighting some wars and then rebuilds other than touting how awesome they are?

7.  Drones - how about some drones to add to the air force arsenal separate from the planes?  Maybe add some other cyber forces such as robocops and terminator soldiers,

8.  WMD - Why do nukes and cruise missiles add to the air force general?  How about a WMD general where nukes and cruise missile use adds up for that experience?

9.  Music Industry - Why not have a music industry wonder as well that helps a nation out ... 



Enough for now.  I see some on my previous list are coming out in CN.  Maybe they will make it to TE.



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What are some of the things in SE that aren't in TE?



fensive Based Improvements:

  • Bunker: $200,000. Reduces infrastructure damage from aircraft, cruise missiles, and nukes -3%. Requires maintaining a Barracks for each Bunker.Limit 5. Cannot build if Munitions Factory or Forward Operating Base is owned. Collection required to delete.
  • Border Fortifications: $125,000. Raises effectiveness of defending soldiers +2%. Reduces max deployment by 2%. Requires maintaining a Border Wall for each Border FortificationLimit 3. Cannot own if Forward Operating base is owned. Collection required to delete.
  • Radiation Containment Chamber: $200,000 Lowers global radiation level that affects your nation by 20%. Requires maintaining Radiation Cleanup bonus resource to function. Requires maintaining a Bunker for each Radiation Containment Chamber. Limit 2. Collection required to delete.

Offensive Based Improvements

  • Forward Operating Base: $125,000. Increases ground attack damage 5%, Reduces effectiveness of one’s own defending soldiers -3%. Requires maintaining a Barracks for each Forward Operating Base. Limit 2. Cannot own if Border Fortifications or Bunker is owned. Collection required to delete.
  • Munitions Factory: $200,000. Increases enemy infrastructure damage from your aircraft, cruise missiles, and nukes +3%. +0.3 penalty to environment per Munitions Factory. Requires maintaining 3 or more Factories. Requires having Lead as a resource to purchase. Limit 5. Cannot build if Bunkers owned. Collection required to delete.
  • Office of Propaganda: $200,000. Decreases the effectiveness of enemy defending soldiers 3%. Requires maintaining a Forward Operating Base for each Office of Propaganda. Limit 2. Collection required to delete.
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Also, crime is not live yet, but...


Airport - $100,000 - Reduces aircraft cost -2% and reduces aircraft upkeep costs -2%. Limit 3. (Not related to crime index. The effects of airports are currently live)
Casino - $100,000 - Increases happiness by 1.5, decreases citizen income by 1%, -50 to crime prevention score. Limit 2.
Jail - $25,000 - Incarcerates up to 500 criminals. Limit 5.
Prison - $200,000 - Incarcerates up to 5,000 criminals. Limit 5.
Red Light District - $50,000 - Increases happiness by 1, damages environment by 0.5, -50 to crime prevention score. Limit 2.
Rehabilitation Facility - $500,000 - Sends up to 500 criminals back into the citizen count. Limit 5.
If you ignore all the crime ones, getting Airport would be great.
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Nukes are actually really important to the metagame and work fine how they are. I'd be happy to see nuke damage nerfed a bit, but it's important that the troop-clearing aspects remain intact. This is because nukes allow smaller nations to win GAs and air attacks against larger nations without needing to suicide three or four full deployments into their targets to get their odds down. They make it possible for the underdogs in a war to match their opponents blow-for-blow, as long as all the underdogs coordinate and make use of careful and intelligent tactics regarding nukes

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Take away the nukes and how will the noob AAs (Skaro, Misfits, [b]Warriors[/b]) fight?

Hehehe, too true Paul.

Or how about this, they make SDI a little more effective. I mean, for real.. mind is like 2 outta 10 this round.

Make SDI more expensive or something, but more effective.
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Since I have owned the SDI this round (which is every nuked fired at me) - My SDI has blocked 8 and failed to block 14.  That is a 36.4% block rate or a 63.6% success rate for my opponents.


Of the 46 nukes I've fired this round, 34 were fired at nations also owning the SDI.  21 of those 34 have been thwarted for a block rate of 61.8% for them, or a 38.2% success rate from me.


I'd fake rage a bit, but this happens to me more often than not in TE and I am pretty numb to it.  I'd love to see the SDI or nukes go away for at least a round and take away the completely random element of luck involved.


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For those doing the math, that means I've been nuked 14 times from 22 nukes fired and my SDI opponents have been nuked from me 13 times from 34 nukes fired.  I'd certainly love to have an equal success rate and the additional 12 nukes currently in stock.

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TB, your bad luck is not a game flaw or exploit. Luck being part of the game is fun IMO


Dr. T, I don't mean to be rude, but these suggestions are either useless, deliberately go against the KISS style of programming specified in the rules, or are already included in the game. Let me give you an example.


"6. War weariness. As the charts are becoming popular and other variations in the game, should there be a war weariness meter and effect of war weariness on a nation. I mean shouldn't a nation that attacks 4 nations every day constantly be more war weary than someone who is fighting some wars and then rebuilds other than touting how awesome they are?"


From the rules page, under "population happiness":

  • Military casualties - Casualties increase war weariness
  • Military deployed - Too many deployed troops also increases war weariness

If you study the rules in depth you will find reasons not to adopt  many of your numbered suggestions.



So, please read the rules as they are now before making suggestions that are either incompatible with them, or completely repetitive.


I can see you spent a lot of time THINKING about these, and the only thing that makes them bad suggestions is that they either already exist or would interfere with an existing policy. The AA size cap has been discussed in depth and rejected elsewhere on this very same forum, and here you are posting it again.


However I can tell you put work in, and I look forward to seeing your compatible, non-redundant suggestions in the future.


But I LOVE the idea of requiring an MP to buy nukes.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay, I know that anything I say is going to be taken with a grain of salt right now, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE requiring the MP to buy nukes, and not just because it works for me. In fact, it actually challenged me. Here is what I am finding


-Top 5% players can't just intimidate people into not fighting back in the early round. Will seriously help retention rate

-Something to look forward to and seriously plan and budget for far into the round

-Less deterrent to wars

-Harder to KEEP nukes means you don't just have to buy them, but think about defending them

-More varied strategy and clever thinking is required to anarchy someone

-Forced to rely on facets of the game I've spent little time exploring, such as navy/spies/generals

-No free NS padding from nukes making a gap between the top 5% and everyone else.

-The "destroy WMDs" spy option is no longer more expensive than an actual WMD, which makes sense,  challenges people to protect their nukes, and is better for game balance.


Before, it was really two games, those with nukes, and those without. Now it is one, and everyone is on a level playing field. I feel like the top 5% automatically being able to get nukes gave us an unfair advantage.


I am also excited to test the damage type specific nukes.

Edited by John More Dread
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