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  1.       At around 11:20, with my final round of attacks done, I have approximately 6467 infra lost, with 15707 infra killed. Tech will follow a similar ratio but with probably ~40% less killed, since I used infra nukes exclusively. 
  2. ChessTyrant

    TPC Declaration of War

          Yup, looks like TPC is winning on all fronts.    (OP is technically beating us on tech killed way down below, but I'm pretty sure we'll take that back before too long, and WD is winning on killed infra, but they're twice our size and only 10% ahead, so I still count that for TPC.)     Edit: Admin, please fix it so all the alliance destruction awards are lined up neatly in one place. Tech is way down on this page and infra killed is on the second page. 
  3. ChessTyrant

    Round 30

    I'm pretty sure those are all going to be won by the same person. 
  4. ChessTyrant

    Nuke the Nukes

    Nukes are actually really important to the metagame and work fine how they are. I'd be happy to see nuke damage nerfed a bit, but it's important that the troop-clearing aspects remain intact. This is because nukes allow smaller nations to win GAs and air attacks against larger nations without needing to suicide three or four full deployments into their targets to get their odds down. They make it possible for the underdogs in a war to match their opponents blow-for-blow, as long as all the underdogs coordinate and make use of careful and intelligent tactics regarding nukes. 
  5. ChessTyrant

    Defcon bug

    Oh. So it's normal to have to collect taxes to change defcon now? We're not going to be able to immediately change it the next day anymore?
  6. ChessTyrant

    Defcon bug

    And now it's the 23rd and I can't change it back. There's no circumstances under which I should have to collect taxes to change my defcon anyway.    For the theorists: my religion hasn't been spied, so that can't be tied to it. 
  7. ChessTyrant

    Defcon bug

    My TE nation has caught the defcon op bug.    DEFCON 5 - Due to recent spy operations against your nation you must collect taxes in order to change your DEFCON Level.   http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000198
  8. ChessTyrant

    TPC Notice of Jury Nullification

    I think it would be worth clarifying that the peace deal TEPD offered to TPC was that StevieG would peace out his rogue.    This was only a "peace deal offered to TPC" because StevieG was in the TPC AA at the point when it was first offered.    It was not a peace deal that TPC had any ability to accept, because we have no control over StevieG's rogue.    Please do not assume we rejected a legitimate peace offer from TEPD and instead chose to fight a ~8v30 war. TPC has not been offered an independent peace agreement. 
  9. ChessTyrant

    DUN *DUN* /DUN/

    Here's how things appear to have gone down: StevieG is the instigator of the recent rogue attacks on TEPD. Yesterday, StevieG applied to TPC, and his application was not accepted by gov (and would have ultimately been denied). However, StevieG convinced one TPC player (Therm, who had in-game recruitment roles despite not being a member of the governing council) to accept his application without the governing council's knowledge or approval.    StevieG was removed from TPC before the update passed, and in the future we'll be less lazy about who ends up with the in-game alliance management controls. 
  10. ChessTyrant

    A New Skaro

    I fully support reducing the number of bad posts and unnecessary emoticons on these forums. 
  11. ChessTyrant


    TPC nations will be offering peace after midnight. 
  12. ChessTyrant


    Actually, all the alliances are doing the partial-involvement thing, they just haven't posted their memberlists yet. Probably because I was supposed to do that. One minute...   Edit: for now, it looks like the current lists are everyone who blitzed plus In Rage and yards from OP, Apocalypse T from Hellas, and PRION, Revention, Tempestus Solar and Parkway Dr. from RE. 
  13. ChessTyrant


    From TPC, the following players will be participating in the war:   -Me -KJ -Dark Zone Elite -Admiral Piette -Cardinal Roark -Bibliotech -Rock n Rolla -CarlJohnson -Not Here -Commander582   Attacks against these nations will only be replied to by these nations and participating allied nations. Attacks against noncombatant TPC nations will be open to any form of counterattack. 
  14. ChessTyrant

    TFK recognition of Hostilities

      Well, it was their alliance heir that did it. 
  15. ChessTyrant


    Most Tanks Destroyed In A War: ChessLand vs Custard: 35,110   Hey, it's something.