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  1. Would be splendid if NSO actually got their forums figured out so that the merger could actually proceed. Not an auspicious start.
  2. [quote name='Great Lord Moth' timestamp='1297132310' post='2624976'] As someone who fought Exodus's top tier, I'd say that they ended the war at the right time. They were nuke turtling for an entire day by the time the war ended. The cause for them was unquestionably hopeless at that point. To stay much longer would have been foolishness, and the suggestion by any of their allies that Exodus should have stayed in the war at that point is selfish at best and treacherous at worst. I enjoyed the conversation with allison, and my colleagues scared Decomp into turtling, and I was mad about that. [/quote] Scared me into turtling? Not really scared - I just figured that that was the only reasonable strategy when up against six nations of similar strength. Nice fighting you guys though - part of me regrets that I only came out of peace mode so late in the game. Alisonville is still taunting me about her casualty count.
  3. Truly awesome visual representation. My only gripe is that you appear to use radius of the circle as representing NS of an alliance. Total surface area of the circle might be better since the radius is obviously squared in determining area. This means that large alliances look much larger than they should in comparison to smaller alliances. Edit: Easy fix: just use the root of NS as the radius.
  4. The brave fighting forces of Sparta have attacked 2 out of NVs top 20 nations. Somehow I am impressed that they managed even that.
  5. Good luck! Some old friends and legends of the game.
  6. I am proud to have given the 1000th vote for CN!
  7. Sad to see my original home disband. I was actually pretty happy there until Derek Jones took over.
  8. I have silver and wheat and would be happy to join - but need a day to inform my current trading partners of the switch. Happy to switch colors too. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=158050 Please pm me in game if you want me part of this circle. Edit: You guys clearly are not interested in me joining the circle. Offer retracted.
  9. I have wheat and silver if your silver guy drops out :-)
  10. Try the tournament edition - lots of wars and they just started a new round.
  11. [quote name='jdotcdot' date='23 March 2010 - 06:50 AM' timestamp='1269341414' post='2234102'] i n=know whats it is, i don't like doing it all at once because it is expensive if you have 3 or 4 on at a time which is my current situation. [/quote] No it is not expensive. If you do it correctly (only buying up to 50 tech at a time) then you will be making close to 2m in profit on every 3m/50 tech deal. Of course, you appear to not know how to do tech deals correctly since you have bought over 150 in tech - a huge waste of money. Also you should really fix your earlier link (which does not work) and have your OWF name match your in-game name.
  12. Yikes! What a mess! Get rid of your 50 planes. Decommission some troops and your tanks. Sell all your tech and use the money to change your improvements. Sell more tech in 3m for 50 tech deals. Sell more tech. Not sure why you are sending 3m in aid to other nations - a real waste of an aid slot.
  13. [quote name='iMatt' date='14 March 2010 - 06:59 PM' timestamp='1268607890' post='2225726'] I can trust you to use the word multivariate [/quote] Stop picking on math/stats geeks. Big meanie!
  14. Welcome back iMatt! Fit with an alliance is a multivariate issue. There are some alliances that I could never join because I feel that their general game-play philosophy is different to my own but I also realize that I would probably be happy in at least a dozen different alliances. You would be an asset to any alliance (and many will know this) so hopefully you'll find somewhere where you are happy!
  15. Hi All, Does anyone know the approximate total cost of buying the first 1000 infra (from 0 to 999.99 infra), and the second 1000 infra (from 999.99 to 1999.99)(assuming full complement of factories and average trade set). It has been a while since I have been down in those infra ranges and I am trying to figure out how quickly a nation should be able to get to 1999.99 infra with aid and or tech dealing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Fighting GRE was an honor - and I was greatly impressed by how decently they conducted themselves throughout. The warchests and tech ratios of the nations I fought were pretty scary though - helping me lose some of that excess infra around my gut.
  17. Congratulations on the birthday and for organizing such a wonderful smash-up. That "Graemlin-schnapps" that you got me to drink at your after-party was bit strong for my taste though. I think I'll be nursing my hangover from that drink for the next 6 months or so.
  18. GRE cleared the attack on the Zenith-POW with us first. He changed his AA to Zenith-POW but never posted in the resignation thread - despite being requested to do so. As such he was not really entitled to any protection that we might have been able to offer.
  19. Thank you to GRE for giving Zenith the benefit of a ceasefire so that we can vote on the issue. My GRE opponents in this war have been great and fought with great honor - and it is good to see that this is also reflected in the manner in which they have negotiated this with us.
  20. 1. Join a team (color) with a decent number of nations on it. Right now you are not on a team which is why you are probably not getting trade offers. 2. Join an alliance of decent size (preferably not one involved in the current war). 3. You have a fantastic combination of resources. People will be making you lots of trade offers. Accept those that boost your pop and give you good bonuses. 4. Tech trade like crazy (3m for 50 tech is pretty standard these days). 5. Buy infra, infra, and more infra.
  21. Well the odds of 10 thwarted attacks in a row are roughly 1:170. This is obviously low but to be expected to happen a couple of times when hundreds of people are lobbing nukes all over the show. Would be interesting if others have had similar poor odds. I remember about two years ago there seemed to be problems with the "randomness" of events - I think I went through about 5 months without any events before it got fixed.
  22. [quote name='TsarN' date='03 February 2010 - 02:34 PM' timestamp='1265225648' post='2156922'] Really? Are you that blind? Only 2 of our top 7 Nations are in Anarchy and you guys choose to fight the 2 that are in anarchy already. I guess the saying is that You can talk the talk but you can't walk the walk [/quote] Umm...I don't think that any of your top 7 are in the range of our nations (other than for Mike717 who is in peace mode). [quote name='TsarN' date='03 February 2010 - 04:41 PM' timestamp='1265233303' post='2157159'] I was not debating OG and Zenith. I said Zenith the whole time. Too coward to attack nations that aren't in anarchy from IRON nations pressing the Easy button. Speaking of which too bad an IRON nation pressed the Easy button on me. Else Zenith would be called Nadir. [/quote] There were at least a couple of your nations that were not in anarchy until we hit them. Not exactly our fault that almost half your alliance is in peace mode right now.
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