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  1. Was expecting an April 1st joke, pleasantly surprised by this excellent report of the NPO's current situation.
  2. No wonder Vox Populi were scared of oppression.
  3. Vindr

    Silent No Longer

    That's nice to hear. A paean to the stubborn will to live.
  4. Vindr

    Now Wanting: Members for the Confederation!

    Nice idea. You mention some duties which the Alliance is to perform. What policies are members required to follow? For instance, what is expected of them on a military level, and in terms of aid? Since there are apparently few strictures. The 'pillars' of this alliance are quite interesting. This alliance is certainly worth a look for those considering joining something. Good luck.
  5. Vindr

    What an I doing wrong?

    Heh, what's it like playing as Japan? As mentioned, if you don't enjoy these kinds of things you can join an Alliance for aid. Many are inactive, as the game is slightly more subdued and slow-paced than previously. You can then get aid and let others build your nation, as well as forming trade circles along the Alliance's guidelines. They might also have helpful guides on how to 'run' your nation, along with the game's advice on which political systems to use, etc. However, you have got some aid already, which might help your nation with this dilemma. If you are grateful and would like more, then joining an Alliance is an easy way to get more. In general, war mode might be useful if you don't enjoy the slowness, however it also leaves you open to external influence. If you're spending aid, keep this as a consideration, or someone might steal it from you. Further, joining an Alliance would lead to you being less vulnerable if you were in war mode. If that's considered a burden, be careful as maintaining a sufficient army along with other things might also be burdensome. As mentioned, without Alliance aid and tech deals, if you're feeling bogged down looking for similar kinds of deals on the forum, etc., might be useful.
  6. Vindr


    Ken Livingstone probably reads this thread. We need to investigate what is happening to all of these nations. Perhaps the radiation from wars and haywire power plants is changing them all into dangerous mutants. Perhaps the barely-active Alliances are secretly turning them all into undead like themselves.
  7. Many of them are inactive. You should find advertisements for some of the others on this board. A few of them are slightly partisan or depend on your views and interests, so that might remain up to you. Past me had this to say: "No, all of the other Alliances are just puppet Alliances of NPO in order to take over the whole game and drown out dissenting voices." I'd assume I was serious, because 'drowning out dissenting voices' sounds serious. So if you wish to join Alliances based on their situation when they were more prominent, it might help. Otherwise, I'm sure some of the available Alliances are advertised above.
  8. Vindr

    What is this game

    Your personal blog, by this point.
  9. Vindr

    A Statement on Mountain Safety

    0.53 might be a lower limit.
  10. Vindr

    A Statement on Mountain Safety

    [oops double-posted]
  11. Computer? What is this 'computer'?
  12. Indeed, all 50 shades of it. Otherwise, grey is a somewhat appropriate and indeed a pleasant shade for the current era of Planet Bob. As many alliances and micros grow sparse, and things adjust to being less active than they were, the grey team does well to represent this grey-scale situation. It is unfortunate that they are mostly rapists, but this is not the whole picture. Of course, these miscreants might appear more disturbing and gory if they were on another sphere like Red, where you instead have the NPO. We can conclude by emphatically declaring that the problem is not the grey team, but immigration.
  13. Vindr

    Building the soviet union once again

    Interesting, although suggesting favoured trade circles out here could easily serve as advice to those outside the Alliance. Still, a decent idea, forming an Alliance based around a pre-existing structure. Good luck.
  14. Vindr

    Are Alliances Obsolete?

    While Alliances can easily as it were detain an important source of the world's enjoyment, they can also play an important part in giving it an organised and structured story-line. However, generally Alliance activities could seem most impressive when they are a development of things that people have experienced at lower levels, or this on a more 'epic' scale, while if there is no space for these things elsewhere they can seem labyrinthine and slow-paced. Nonetheless, this means that Alliances in this context who are not afraid to seem 'tyrannical' or monopolising, like the NPO, will generally be able to secure a decent place. Of course, this was earlier along with the New Polar Order, who had a very convincing name for an Alliance which might threaten to polarise this relation. The problem is that those with more striking concepts or agendas, like NSO and a fair few defunct Black alliances, will often be placed in behind this and regularised. Alliances can hence seem a bureaucratic limitation, when they are central to the sense of nations participating in an overall, unified history.
  15. If it was a plane, it could offer an explanation of the person's complaint here about the Alliances being dead. Jihad.