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  1. I must say I’m saddened by this...I was looking forward to the next time we got to play cat and mouse with words.
  2. Sunday, February 7th, 2021 1 last conference will take place at King Neptunes Bar to confirm the transition of power from Lord Hitchcock to myself. This is a peaceful transition of leadership in hopes that the alliance can move in a new direction under new leadership. This was not a decision made lightly and on his own. We seek only to focus our sights on the future and what’s best for us as a whole. That being said, the following transition of power takes place with a few minor stipulations and rightfully so, stipulations I’m more than happy agreeing to. 1)Lord Hitchcock remains o
  3. My allies spied on TMG? Here we go with accusations and no proof..we've went through this
  4. Why don't you come on out of Pm and I'll show you how I became an alliance leader. Or are you going to hide behind OOT?
  5. So why the rush to PM? You afraid of something? The big bad wolf? Bigfoot?
  6. We already know that cat doesn't bite he just meows and annoys the heck out of everyone.
  7. If you wait for roal to leave PM you'll die before that happens..he likes to talk behind that wall.
  8. I mean that answered it fine..he's not in gov but he's in AM..what else do you want to know..i dont know who you are referring to.
  9. He has chosen to not take a slot in the government for his reasons.
  10. A lot of talk for the kid in the corner of the room hiding..why don't you relegate that lip of yours and come out of PM and play..? Or are you afraid?
  11. Aggression that we threatened? LOL keep reaching..I told you i would upheld a treaty you signed bc you were reaching to hit Hitchcock lol..chalking up lame charges for something for a war and you play the "peaceful" alliance ...shut up
  12. Your stats are not what I'm laughing at but the way you conduct a war..nuke turtle and spy ops? Are you French?
  13. Is this the part I come in and call you a coward? An alliance of 20 and you can't even man up and fight..weak !@#$ junka.
  14. Don't be salty because we know what we are doing and you are getting demolished one by one.
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