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  1. We got mentioned on the Apathy Report. Not sure why, but it makes me rather happy. Keep up the great work Genius!
  2. We here at RDS wish you the best of luck.
  3. I believe SNX made a huge mistake when they all merged right before winter. Doubt they had enough time to properly prepare.
  4. Thanks for your support everyone. And Helios, it was a simple name change.
  5. We here at RDS thank the GOONS for their generosity. And look forward to working with you.
  6. Thanks for your support Jewtopia (: I understand he has done bad things. But this seems like just a little to much fuse. Please let SAS deal with it, don't make it bigger then it is.
  7. For real guys. This is a bit ridicules. You are all acting like a mindless mob right now. I'm sure the Civilized portion of you will respect the government choice of our alliance. If he turns out to be like you say he is, then shame on us. But after this mess, I don't think he will cause any more problems.
  8. Rotavele is now a member of SAS. We will do everything in our power to defend our members. I understand he has done things to anger many of you, but SAS is willing to give him a second chance. He is just one player after all, leave him be. SAS will deal with him if he gets out of hand.
  9. Thank you Franz, today marks the first day for SAS. We will soon grow and prosper.
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