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  1. I dont see kevin updating anything. I dont kno why hes giving up on his longtime cash cow, but he did. Perhaps he hasnt updated because he doesn't see a reason as the core issues with this game are still here. Idea He could wipe out everyone's tech... Completely reset tech in every single nation... Then make tech something you have to build rather than something u outright buy. Also during war... Increase tech destruction, reduce infra destruction, and increase the cap on how much money can be destroyed/stolen. For starters...
  2. This right here. CN isnt a game were actually playing anymore... Lets change that.
  3. Why accelerate anything? The player base as you put it... Is gone. Whats left... Ghost town. If wiping this server is too much for people to bear... Make a new server, and start over. Maybe kevin would want to add a few things to it... I stopped donations a while ago, but if we were starting from scratch... Something to work towards.... Id be inclined to donate again. Those that stay in the current server... Can dream of a day that everyone comes back or something... While me and mine, are carving a new path.
  4. The games already dead... This would allow new players to take root. I would love to restart... Alot of people i kno are wanting this to happen. Why hold on to a corpse? What do u gain by slowly watching this place die? When u can have resurrection?
  5. Reset the server... Start over from scratch. Your welcome
  6. At the end of the day... Regardless how small this world is getting, you dont crap in your friends yard. Even if you dont like who they're renting a room to.
  7. Ah, The Mighty Prince rides again!
  8. Want some of what i got? I got u after caustic, sit down and take a number...
  9. Need a back rub? They don't call me magic fingers for nothing.
  10. Big talk for someone so small and insignificant.
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