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  1. You misunderstand the point of Viceroyalties -- at least from the Pacifican perspective. The point was to avoid the necessity of eternal or repeating war. You take an alliance and, rather than destroying it to such an extent that its nations can never recover, you help to rebuild the alliance in such a way that its members are no longer a threat regardless of their nation strength. Unfortunately it didn't always work out that way, as emotion and attatchment to inefficient systems got in the way. Of course, other alliances may have used them in other ways. But if they were used to conquer
  2. Since I just consider myself and my writings to be Francoist I'm not sure the first half of the name is necessary.
  3. Emperors who served for less than a year are in good historical company: Comrades Franco, Ivan, Dilber and myself, amongst others, all did likewise.
  4. This article is best read while listening to this .La Vangardia Pacifica would like to thank regular readers for their patience during its prolonged hiatus, and can now confirm that production will resume in the near future. By way of apology for the unexpected interruption we we would like to offer readers a free copy of the December 2008 publication Letters of Pacifica. Within its cover readers will find the foundation of many of the intellectual and historical ideas that informed the Order during the early years of its existence. Some of these may be outdated while others may not be,
  5. How useful you find it will depend on what you're trying to get out of it. It isn't, for example, an assessment of anyone's mind. It is an attack on the popular notion that theory is without purpose, and an explanation that everyone's mind, regardless of their goal or hobby, regardless of whether they realise it or not, is built upon it.
  6. This article is best read while listening to .The world of practical men often has occasion to laugh and mock the theorists and theories that seek to explain their domain. "What is the point of it all" they scoff. Why question such basic causes, connections, goods, evils and truths when they’re so obvious to me? They sit smugly, surrounded comfortingly by their common sense, attempting with the last of their strength to live in an independent, practical 'world of the real'. And in each moment they fail to recognise that every action they witness and every truth they know is nothing but
  7. Smart RL hegemonies do. There's more to staying on top than having a big stick. That doesn't mean they'll let it stop them from doing what they want to do, of course.
  8. That is complete nonsense, DictatatorDan. When the NPO came out of terms we kept our heads down and attempted to engage in diplomacy with anyone who would listen. It was the hegemonic alliances that used us as a boogeyman to scare the children back in line, and even banned former alliances that wanted to sign treaties with us from doing so. This was pretty self-evident to anyone with eyes, leading me to write on it as early as May last year: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=104&showentry=1712
  9. I'm not complaining that you took a position against us -- I love nothing more than a well thought out rebuttal. I'm saying that your positions made no sense whatsoever.
  10. Schattenmann hit on most of the points that struck me during the show. AirMe clearly left logic at the door.
  11. You have missed the point of both articles and reduced yourself to babbling about complete irrelevancies. It's time to address the predicaments of the present with a view to the future, not wallow in the emotional baggage of the past.
  12. With such superficial arguments Comrade Kalasin has clearly not been keeping up with her reading.
  13. This article is best read while listening to .To regular readers of La Vanguardia Pacifica the recent attacks on the New Pacific Order will come as no surprise. The modern hegemony has tried for two years to force a pseudo-legitimate reason to attack the Order, and after two years of abject failure they have now given up all pretence and attacked for the explicit reason, as noted in their imaginatively titled "everything must die" declaration, of killing what they see as a potential rival (simultaneously making a mockery of everything they said about us and themselves during that time peri
  14. Odd definition of nation. There have been and are a lot of nations that are not nation-states. I'm living in one.
  15. While I yield to your expertise on Marxist theory, it should noted that Marx and Engels were German.
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