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  1. You misunderstand the point of Viceroyalties -- at least from the Pacifican perspective. The point was to avoid the necessity of eternal or repeating war. You take an alliance and, rather than destroying it to such an extent that its nations can never recover, you help to rebuild the alliance in such a way that its members are no longer a threat regardless of their nation strength. Unfortunately it didn't always work out that way, as emotion and attatchment to inefficient systems got in the way. Of course, other alliances may have used them in other ways. But if they were used to conquer alliances and prevent them from "escaping with their lives", no sane alliance would accept one.
  2. Since I just consider myself and my writings to be Francoist I'm not sure the first half of the name is necessary.
  3. Emperors who served for less than a year are in good historical company: Comrades Franco, Ivan, Dilber and myself, amongst others, all did likewise.
  4. This article is best read while listening to this .La Vangardia Pacifica would like to thank regular readers for their patience during its prolonged hiatus, and can now confirm that production will resume in the near future. By way of apology for the unexpected interruption we we would like to offer readers a free copy of the December 2008 publication Letters of Pacifica. Within its cover readers will find the foundation of many of the intellectual and historical ideas that informed the Order during the early years of its existence. Some of these may be outdated while others may not be, but it will undoubtedly provide a wealth of information and a unique perspective to younger and older scholars alike. In line with this we are pleased to observe that the models developed through the Francoist method in previous issues of this paper have more than survived the test of time. What were once much maligned predictions -- the inevitability of the treaty web, of the bipolarity of international politics, of the existential crisis, etc -- have become, to contemporary society, a matter of historical fact. And finally, we would like to pay tribute to Emperors Cortath, Mary, Brehon, Farrin and Letum for the extraordinary job they have done over the past few years. Not only have they maintained the Order in the face of extraordinary odds, but they've reorganised, rebuilt and reinvented it into the powerful, efficient machine that it is today. They have proven that Pacifica Prevails was not only a popular saying of old, but a statement of fact.
  5. How useful you find it will depend on what you're trying to get out of it. It isn't, for example, an assessment of anyone's mind. It is an attack on the popular notion that theory is without purpose, and an explanation that everyone's mind, regardless of their goal or hobby, regardless of whether they realise it or not, is built upon it.
  6. This article is best read while listening to .The world of practical men often has occasion to laugh and mock the theorists and theories that seek to explain their domain. "What is the point of it all" they scoff. Why question such basic causes, connections, goods, evils and truths when they’re so obvious to me? They sit smugly, surrounded comfortingly by their common sense, attempting with the last of their strength to live in an independent, practical 'world of the real'. And in each moment they fail to recognise that every action they witness and every truth they know is nothing but the lingering imprint of some dead and defunct theoretician. One practical man looks at a war and sees a battle between alliances, another sees a battle between moralities, yet another a battle between cultures, and another still a battle between classes. Each is quite certain in his own unique truth, reacting to it in his own unique way as a result. And so the theory that he mocked as purposeless just moments before quietly welcomes him into its fold. Slowly the practical man must come to the realisation that far from being the master of his domain, he is but a slave of the theorist's. It can be seen therefore that every man, no matter how practical or introspective he may be, is operating based on the hidden assumptions, truths and demands of an underlying theory: the only difference is how much he realises it and thus how much control he has over his own actions. If the man fails to realise the reality of the structures, powers and influences around him, then no matter how revolutionary he considers himself, no matter how inspiring his voice sounds to his own ears, he is doomed to exist as just one data-point in millions as he perpetuates the hidden hand that controls him. We can see these practical men in every gutter and every office around us, working away diligently and thinking themselves accomplished. We saw it in the downfall of the Continuum, as so many practical men came out of the woodwork to proclaim a new world on the basis of... of what? A desire to see it? Like so many before them they were blind to the realities of power and structure. They had failed to investigate, to analyse, to theorise, and so they found themselves duped by the one-eyed king who knew how to use the structures and sought only to crown himself atop of them. The great self-proclaimed ‘revolutionaries’ of an age were buried to the eulogy of useful idiots, renewing that which they were revolting against, left as neither destroyers nor creators, forgotten to the pages of dust and mould. It is the folly of the celebrated great men in every epoch -- preachers of death, revolutionaries and kings alike. If you cannot see the realities of power and structure, if you are blinded by the golden robes of its momentary occupants, then you cannot rise to truly control, destroy or create anything. You are forever a slave and never a master. And as the defunct theory that serves as the foundation of your 'practical' action is undermined and destroyed by contraduction, the destructive life-denying force of nihilism begins to take hold and destroy you along with it.
  7. Smart RL hegemonies do. There's more to staying on top than having a big stick. That doesn't mean they'll let it stop them from doing what they want to do, of course.
  8. That is complete nonsense, DictatatorDan. When the NPO came out of terms we kept our heads down and attempted to engage in diplomacy with anyone who would listen. It was the hegemonic alliances that used us as a boogeyman to scare the children back in line, and even banned former alliances that wanted to sign treaties with us from doing so. This was pretty self-evident to anyone with eyes, leading me to write on it as early as May last year: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=104&showentry=1712
  9. I'm not complaining that you took a position against us -- I love nothing more than a well thought out rebuttal. I'm saying that your positions made no sense whatsoever.
  10. Schattenmann hit on most of the points that struck me during the show. AirMe clearly left logic at the door.
  11. You have missed the point of both articles and reduced yourself to babbling about complete irrelevancies. It's time to address the predicaments of the present with a view to the future, not wallow in the emotional baggage of the past.
  12. With such superficial arguments Comrade Kalasin has clearly not been keeping up with her reading.
  13. This article is best read while listening to .To regular readers of La Vanguardia Pacifica the recent attacks on the New Pacific Order will come as no surprise. The modern hegemony has tried for two years to force a pseudo-legitimate reason to attack the Order, and after two years of abject failure they have now given up all pretence and attacked for the explicit reason, as noted in their imaginatively titled "everything must die" declaration, of killing what they see as a potential rival (simultaneously making a mockery of everything they said about us and themselves during that time period). But similarly, neither would a regular reader have been surprised by the manufactured war declared against the New Polar Order a few days ago, as Emperor Random Interrupt brought Polaris out of its slump. What we see here, therefore, is little more than pre-emptive strikes on potential political opposition before it can ever actually become political opposition. And this leaves us with some extremely worrying conclusions to draw. The first conclusion is in what exactly has happened -- the attacks on potential political opposition. While some have tried to make the divine claim to war being 'interesting' or 'exciting', in doing so they fail to see beyond their own noses -- or, in this case, a couple of weeks. This war, if the aggressors emerge victorious, will paradoxically usher in an era where a single entity commands unchallenged and unchallengeable political domination; a situation which can only lead to widespread stagnation, strangling the political lifeblood that sustains our world. But it is this tied with the second conclusion -- the way the attacks occurred -- that should create real concern within any free-thinking Bobian denizen. The real power of a political hegemony is to set political precedent. Unfortunately the precedent here is to tear down all rule of law and security for non-hegemonic alliances. Whereas in previous eras an alliance could consider itself relatively safe from attack so long as it did not commit a militarily aggressive act, even if it was in political disagreement with the hegemonic power, the precedent being set today means that anyone saying anything deemed to be slightly out of line, or not even doing that, could be destroyed on a whim. Gone would be the days of delicate political manoeuvre and intrigue, entering would be the tedious grind of apolitical absolutism. No longer could you argue a justification for war, or organise a counter-weight to the powerful, for everything outside of the smallest of political cliques would be deemed sport for the entitled few, and no justification would care enough to go beyond 'because we can'. So this is not a rejuvenation of Planet Bob, far from it: if the Mushroom Kingdom et al emerge victorious then it is Bob's death rattle. The politics that drew nations here in the tens of thousands would be dead, the frequent challenges to power would cease to be, and what little remained would wither and die. It is no longer an intriguing fight for the power of one alliance over another as we have seen in previous great wars, but rather it is a fight for the survival of us all. In this way the Mushroom Kingdom et al are fighting not only for the death of the New Pacific Order, but for the deaths of themselves and every other alliance regardless of political affiliation. Consequently this war cannot be seen as being one alliance against another, but rather it must be seen as a war between those who want to survive, and those who do not: those who want Planet Bob to go on for years to come, and those who want it to end. If you think that you can avoid this war or its consequences, you are wrong. If you aren't ready to stand up and fight then you are already dead.
  14. Odd definition of nation. There have been and are a lot of nations that are not nation-states. I'm living in one.
  15. While I yield to your expertise on Marxist theory, it should noted that Marx and Engels were German.
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