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  1. Writing a midterm paper about CN governments.

  2. Working on a new project with a friend.

  3. Hello, just a quick announcement that the MicroFusion bloc of CKE, Octava Orden, Federation of Allied Orange Nations, and Kingdom of Hyrule have opened our collective tech market! Just drop in to #Fusion on Coldfront or the bloc forums at http://microfusion.darkbb.com/forum.htm to place an order, big or small. We'll match you up with whoever's available, and pass you on to other alliances in the bloc if our own doesn't have room. We just made our first deal an hour ago, very excited .
  4. Mmm, good point. Perhaps it's just my own paranoia that without a Minister of Blah we'll fail in every way.
  5. I regret not getting more people on board before declaring CKE's existence. I would tell people that besides a good protector, having your government filled with competent people and having a bankable membership (rather than my IRL friends who joined then left) is important. People don't want to join an ubermicro, unless you're the most charismatic stallion in the land.
  6. It's been six weeks, and CKE is still very much the microest of the micros. Try as I might, I'm not the world's greatest recruiter, and the friends I brought in quickly went inactive. Nevertheless, I relish being my own boss, teaming up with my good friend Gavik, and making diplomatic friends everywhere from Kingdom of Hyrule to MCXA to CCC. Micros are an interesting thing. They're low-key, ultimately irrelevant. Some are dead, some are embryonic, some are micros for a matter of hours. But it's a place most alliances have been, and it's an interesting perspective to have after years of being in larger alliances.
  7. Yeah, I just picked the theme in a matter of seconds from a list. We'll get some less distracting options rolling soon.
  8. In honor of the founding of the Confederation of Kritarchy and Equity, which DoEs tonight, there will be a party in the IRC channel (#CKE on Coldfront) and on the soon-to-be-finished forums on cke-cn.com. I urge diplomats to show up and sign up! Take care, Angola Three
  9. BLEU's spectacular collapse in 2008 was one of the most epic bloc collapses in recent memory- not on the scale of WUT or the Continuum, but significant in and of itself. Since then, the Blue sphere has pieced itself together in two separate blocs, AZTEC and Peace and Love Train. Each has three Blue alliance banded together in the spirit of brotherhood. But can Blue do better? Should there be an ODP treaty like Black has that binds the whole sphere together in the name of color unity like yesteryear? Or was that idea proven idiotic by the failure of BLEU two years ago?
  10. No, I'm not bringing back SWF. Nobody could be that suicidal. I hope.
  11. In two days' time, I will be posting a DoE of an alliance that minus the important contributions of a dear friend of mine is the work of my sweat and blood. I do have to say it's been a metric ton of work to get IRC activity, recruit, make forums, a charter, a flag, and a protectorate, but there's a flipside to all this. Starting an alliance on CN is one of the most rewarding things one can do, provided that they make something they're genuinely interested in and willing to pursue to the sometimes bitter end. There has been a popular thread that we've all seen about how there are too many alliances and many should just off themselves in the name of the common good. However, I disagree strongly. All these alliances make at least one person very happy and fulfilled at a very important level. Ultimately, CN is about self-actualization- trying to achieve great things with only our wits and some pixels thrown in for spice. I encourage people thinking about starting their own alliance to go ahead and dive in. It's definitely worth it.
  12. going to Portland on the train on Sunday. Aww yeah.

  13. is making a fillet of sole tomorrow, with a nice Carribbean influence. Mmm.

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