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  1. I am willing to fill up 5 slots for anyone who attacks this nation: "Yealgon"

    The slots can be an combination of tech and money. ex: 5 slots of 3 million= 15 million or 5 slots of 50 tech each= 250 tech. Or if you want 100 tech 9 million...etc.

    Just message me when you've declared war and I will send you the aid. I have various people who will send you the aid....

  2. You took arcades Dick Cheney cat! Give him back! :P

  3. Top Cat

    Socialist Workers Front is Back!

    Consider this a verbal warning - all moderation matters should be addressed in the moderation forums, OOC posting has no place in this forum either
  4. Top Cat is the top cat.

  5. i hate top cat he never replies to are messages! i go to milton high school and it is used for learning stratituies and are teacher is mad at you!

  6. Top Cat

    Pinning a thread

    At this time I don't believe sufficient interest has been shown in that thread to warrant it being pinned. I'll keep an eye on it though and if this changes, it may be pinned in the OWF.
  7. Top Cat

    A Question

    Yes, although overuse of them will invariably lead to annoyance. Keep it sensible and it's allowed.
  8. Top Cat

    Question about reporting forum abuse format

    The post you linked to there didn't follow the posting procedure as linked in the pinned thread here.
  9. You have 666 posts...

  10. Top Cat


    Registration will be back on when admin decides to turn it back on. Furthermore if I were you I'd think a little more carefully about the sutibility of threads such as this in this forum in future or you could end up with a warn increase. Moved to moderation main forum.
  11. Top Cat

    No team bonus on trades?