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  1. I am willing to fill up 5 slots for anyone who attacks this nation: "Yealgon"

    The slots can be an combination of tech and money. ex: 5 slots of 3 million= 15 million or 5 slots of 50 tech each= 250 tech. Or if you want 100 tech 9 million...etc.

    Just message me when you've declared war and I will send you the aid. I have various people who will send you the aid....

  2. You took arcades Dick Cheney cat! Give him back! :P

  3. Top Cat is the top cat.

  4. i hate top cat he never replies to are messages! i go to milton high school and it is used for learning stratituies and are teacher is mad at you!

  5. You have 666 posts...

  6. Oh jeez... you looked at my profile.

    Am I doing something wrong? :P I'm too evil for the forum... that's it isn't it? WELL YOULL NEVER CATCH ME TOP CAT!

    And then I'll be pretty upset when you do catch me in a minute or two, I'll just bet on it.

    Also, hello. :D

  7. Top cat I've been waiting a day or two..my account has not been valadated..could you help me??

  8. To avoid unnecessary repeat threads cluttering up these forums, the Trading Harbor has been established in the All Teams Forum. If you want to request or look for a trade or trade circle, you should put it up there. Please be sure to read the Stickied Thread before posting. Trade request threads in this forum will be locked. Users who fail to use the designated Forum will find themselves landed with an increased warn level.
  9. Anyone needing foreign aid can post here. Let's be careful about what we post. Joke requests will not be tolerated and will land you with a increased warn level.
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