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  1. This is incorrect. - Happiness bonus is dependent on age of the Base. It starts at 5 Happiness and degrades over time, it isn't affected by the HotSpot. - The -4% infra cost and infra bill saving for the Base is what is afected by the hotspot, eg at 50% efficiency you only save 2% on cost and bills
  2. Robin Hood :wub: You win second place for best Disney avatar, had to give first to Der Kommissar

  3. Assuming no plunge in NS/Infra etc after buying the wonder, you'd be very unlikely to lose money on the Mine/Colony... The Base however has been stated several times has small return on its own, but its true purpose is being a doorway to better wonders which give you bigger returns.
  4. At 75% average hot spot efficiency. Hotspots are designed to be a bit of a team effort, alliances and groups can work together to get closer and closer. If you have multiple Moon wonders, then you can move them around and help you locate the hotspot easier etc, so now that you have the Base, getting a Colony or Mine would not only give you the benefits of those wonders, but it will help you get a better return from your Base etc.
  5. Larger nations will benefit more from the wonders, they in essence are building 'larger' bases, larger colonies and larger mines. Smaller ones, for smaller nations, are thus cheaper, but net them less benefits. On the questions of how the happiness increases/decreases, and how the effect of the hotspot exactly works, admin says it will be more fun if everything isn't revealed, and those who work out the secrets first will have a little edge.
  6. Well I have a few answers... But I have also given out alot of answers already... I'll flag admin down at some point and direct him here and he can decide if it's for you to figure out or not
  7. It's 10NS to move, 100NS to change. So for you, 1.1mill to move, $11mill to change.
  8. moxlotus, both mines can be upgraded to a new resource for a fee Killjoy, the 3bg already has enough advantages no? also, all interstellar wonders are affected by the hotspot and can be moved. Jesusaurus, proximity to the hotspot affects the infra % for the base, the value of your bonus resource for the mine, and the number of colony citizens you can collect from in the colony. The only alterations to happiness occur with time.
  9. Mentioned a few times, but military wonders on mars/the moon at some point are probable. So with good chance military could be enhanced, and with a desire to keep formulas consistent (apart from the slight extra cost of the base) military strength is included.
  10. Hence 'At this stage'... Right now we are just going to see how it all goes once implemented... but we have gone over some possibilities for down the track to try and avoid that.
  11. At this stage you can, but you can't see the efficiency level other nations wonders are running at.
  12. Are you sure about that? Assuming you lost 2/3rds of everything evenly, and went back to 22,128NS with 2,999.99infra and 1,718.53tech... You would save $132.7million on the purchase of your Moon Base over what you ould pay now. However, were you to then build yourself back up from 22,128NS to your current level, with the new 4% purchase saving in addition to the rest of your infra purchase savings you have, I am getting a cost for you of around $691million. Then, you'd have to buy back your 3,437 technology, which at the going rate of 3million for 100, would cost another $103million to impo
  13. It is cheaper for smaller nations in raw dollars, but not cheaper when measured against the amount of money they make. Smaller nations will also benefit less from most aspects of the wondes (infra bill savings, happiness, colony size and bonus resources) than those who are larger and pay more. If there are nations with low NS and lots of money; #1, they have probably paid a costly price to be in that position, and would likely have prefered still be larger and pay a bit extra for the wonders, rather than be smaller and have a lower price and #2, As mentioned above, they still they won't ge
  14. Yep, one hotspot, which moves every full moon, so once a month. The actual date of the hotspot move, and the size of the hotspot, not even I know... not sure if admin will reveal those ones or whether it will be left it for the players to discover
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