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  1. Dorsaiwolf

    To Err is Human. To Arrrrrr is pirate!

    My slots are full. I appreciate those that have decided to keep me entertained. I hope to return the favor. Just broke 15 million casualties.
  2. Dorsaiwolf

    To Err is Human. To Arrrrrr is pirate!

    What does a Pirate have to do around here to get attacked. 1 nation has stepped up and attacked me however I still have 1 slot open and after update tonight will be at 2 slots open. Do I have to call nations bad names to get attacked. Ok here goes......Bad Name,,,,Bad Name.....Bad Name!!!!!!! Consider yourselves insulted. Now grow a pair and come fight me. I promise you will be entertained.
  3. Dorsaiwolf

    To Err is Human. To Arrrrrr is pirate!

    Just wanted to say how much fun I am having doing battle. This war has enhanced my casualty count. Please keep sending me nations to do battle with. I will have 2 slots open tomorrow. I will be waiting for you at update. First come first served. Thanks
  4. Dorsaiwolf

    The Immigrant Song Accords

    o/Valhalla   o/NpO
  5. Dorsaiwolf

    De Holer Overeenkomst

    o/ Valhalla   o/ DoD
  6. Dorsaiwolf

    Raken Surrenders to Valhalla

    2 great warrior alliances having shed blood across the battlefield now together can shed the blood of others. Winter has come and gone. The blood soaked ground of Spring has given birth to a bountiful Summer. This union will bring fourth a mighty harvest.
  7. Dorsaiwolf

    Declaration of reExistence

    Its good to be able to flatulate in public again.....Love the feel of home. Oh Valhalla :smug:
  8. Dorsaiwolf

    Declaration of Existence

    I'll be parking my pickup camper over by the swimming hole. When is the womenz mud wrestling? I must say the 3 hole outhouse is mighty fancy for these here parts. Nice to see I'm moving up in this world.
  9. DBDC attacked Anarchy Inc and Iron 18 Jan in support of umbrella.
  10. My condolences to his RL family and to his CN family.
  11. Dorsaiwolf

    Announcement from Sons of Anarchy

    Welcome to the Clubhouse.
  12. Dorsaiwolf

    Final Valhalla Announcement

    A sad day on Planet Bob. The funeral pyre is burning.