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  1. Didn't have to reply, felt like I should. I don't speak for the leadership, but I do speak for me.
  2. Don't normally respond to posts like this, but just had to on this one. And the biggest IRONy here, you were never a full member, you were a ghost, hence the war. Therefore your opinions voiced above are based on fiction as you have no first hand experience of us. Well apart from being smashed. Good luck Yamuliss!
  3. Thank you Pacifist Ninja for the sincerity behind this thread. As soon as this war ends, in my eyes, the matter is ended. But the war must run its course first.
  4. Karkani, I am Curufinwe, Minister of Internal Affairs for IRON, and I currently oversee the education system in IRON, alongside my academy team. We are currently rebuilding our academy, and the process is nearly done. We hope that the new IRON Academy is the best in the game, and that many many hours of game knowledge from everyone in IRON will be passed down our generations. You made many posts, which is encouraged, and completely ignored the advice given. We tried, do listen in future . I cannot add anymore to what Shan has said, we are the big bad IRON, how dare we! My nation is
  5. CCC, you guys have been admirable foes. It has been an honour meeting you on the battlefield. Good luck with the rebuild. o7 CCC 07 IRON
  6. This is up on the IRON forums. My thoughts and prayers are with you both, I pray for a safe, speedy return. We shall spread the word. Best wishes and thoughts.
  7. Good luck Avalanche, been a pleasure fighting with you, may your rebuilding be swift and mighty. And many thanks to VoC, without you, this war front would not of been dealt with so swiftly. You have my eternal thanks o/ VoC o/ Avalanche o/ IRON
  8. Sad to see this go, see you around R&R, good luck, and Ill make sure to swing by and visit sometime.
  9. Glad to see this finally alive o/ to new allies!
  10. Goodbye TOOL, it has been a real pleasure having you as our allies. It takes one look at your past membership to know that you were an amazing alliance. Curu
  11. Yay! Many congratulations, and here is to many more
  12. YAY! Mega-congratulations, and have a big party !
  13. Nice guys, good luck to the new Gov of DAWN, I am sure Ill bump into you at some point
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