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  1. Wow. I - for one - never saw this coming. Having been in your shoes only but weeks ago, you have my sympathies and congratulations in all you all have accomplished throughout your time with us. While I never really was on MK's "side", I always have personally felt that an organization's disbandment should largely be free of politics. Thus, you have my genuine sympathies and none of us ever like to see people leave Planet Bob. After all, it would make this a very lonely place...
  2. FEAR, you already know how much we like you guys. I'm glad to see that our merger isn't going to deprive us from our dying love for you. Valhalla, smart move. I know we merged with you for a reason. ;)
  3. I won't comment on your "history lesson" given that you conveniently phrased it to look exactly like what it is... exaggerated and untrue. TORN has been in numerous conflicts over its existence. Some of those conflicts were entered defensively, but in others we served as the "aggressors", too. I think that we can all agree that if we only put ourselves in positions that were "safe", our list of conflicts would be a lot shorter and our NS Average would have been a lot higher over the years. It is no secret that we surrounded ourselves with friends who happened to be alliances that were
  4. TORN was the first alliance to send me a recruitment message after joining CN, so I joined them and have been there since 2009. It is where I've called home ever since the beginning and it is certainly going to take some getting used to not seeing that name around anymore, not to mention having to re-learn my way around a new set of forums. Thank you for all that helped make TORN what it was and what it became. Thank you for the current members for showing that the desire for righteousness is still alive and well. Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support. Given that I was ki
  5. [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1341967750' post='3008124'] Congrats guys. Beastly line-up you got there. That duckroll image from TORN will still be one of the most epic images ever in CN History. [/quote] Just for you, Mr. Buscemi. http://torn.sharuntech.com/DUCKROLL.jpg
  6. [center][img]http://i48.tinypic.com/2uyk284.png[/img][/center] Firstly, Duckroll would like to congratulate it's duck-loving friends in the alliances formerly known as Valhalla, BAPS, and Oly (and recently BTA!) in their decision to put their structured and coordinated organizations together to create an alliance full of chaos, insanity, mayhem, but most importantly... tomfoolery (Because how often does anyone get a chance to use that word?). In case you all didn't hear... pretty much what happened was the three aforementioned alliances turned to Duckroll and said, "Yo dawg, I heard you like
  7. [quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1322789190' post='2858710'] You mean [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Treaty_of_Blaugrana"]This.[/url] [/quote] No. Apparently, they don't know what that is.
  8. [quote name='Dexomega' timestamp='1322722429' post='2857940'] My warchest looks just fine from here actually. [/quote] Ummm, don't know when we started talking about warchests, but ok... Good. That would make 1 out of 77, then. Although, with that being said, I question your definition of "fine", although, I suppose that answer will come soon enough.
  9. [quote name='Dexomega' timestamp='1322721210' post='2857915'] TORN, fellas, we're supposed to have the horrible blitzes. You're muscling in on our territory. Kidding... mostly. Anyway see you guys on the battlefield. P.S. Did you really have to make your guy declare at the bottom of his range TORN? Come on guys, even I tried to stay even with IRON when I declared. [/quote] [quote name='EnzoCosta' timestamp='1322721824' post='2857928'] Hey, now, I declared at 2k NS below you. Did I reall do that much damage? Fake edit: Oh, I did. [img]http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/2668/scre
  10. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1322718956' post='2857831'] Good luck, see if you can manage to last longer than a day this time! [/quote] You are obviously not a student of recent CN history.
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