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Ants and updates

Bob Janova



OOC: I think a lot of bloggers here need a visit from the pest control man. One or two ant blogs are kind of funny; 17,000 are just getting in the way. I am sure that there are several interesting political and historical (IC and OOC) blogs being posted. I don't want to see a whole page of 'The voice of #7169' when I go to the blog page to see the latest updates. Hopefully that joke will get old and the worthwhile blogs will rise to the top.

IC: International law now prohibits some of the most asymmetric forms of warfare. Declarations of war may only now be issued against nations roughly equal in strength to the aggressor – preventing some of the most egregiously unwinnable wars for smaller nations, and protecting the strong from nuclear rogue states.

The Minister of Defence issued the following statement during the daily parliamentary press conference:

We are pleased by the introduction of this new, tighter international regulatory framework. As a peaceful nation, Seria has no problem with being unable to declare more wars on weak nations, and the threat to our borders from rogue states is reduced significantly. We are confident that Seria and our allies within the Grämlins and beyond maintain the ability to neutralise threats from any type of opponent, and that maintaining our security is a little less difficult than in the past.

We will however continue to invest in the latest military and civilian equipment in order to improve and protect our way of life against such threats.

The defence budget remains unchanged and there are no reported plans to change the size of the standing military.

Serian forces are on standby after allied forces from Chivu, Sierra Leone and Ariana were called into action to restore peace to a local region of the Aqua sphere, but the latest reports are that the conflict will remain localised and Serian intervention will not be required.

Scientists at the Tarovra Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Study have detected an increase in background radiation, and attribute it to increased use of nuclear weaponry in recent days. Ministerial aides issued a briefing urging restraint, pointing out that 'a nuclear detonation in Australia has consequences on output even here in Europe'.



Recommended Comments

I definitely agree with you on the ant issue. That seems to be what most of the blogs so far are, and most of them are so similar where it's already borderline stale.

You guys definitely don't know Farkers too well. They thrive on stale jokes. Plus, I find them pretty funny :P

Sorry Bob, not adding anything worthwhile to your blog here. I'll back out of it now.

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Maybe ants and spiders are part of some larger Fark secret code? They are pretty clever over there... :ph34r:

Also, look forward to more of your writings, since you are one of Planet Bob's most unpredictable commentators.

Cheers :)

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You're right in that its likely something that will die out soon enough. And, it has, or at least likely will, spin somewhat out of control.

That said, the fact that we managed to, without collaboration or any intention other than to have a nice laugh, organically create an actual story with a rudimentary narrative structure, to me is an astounding achievement and likely to remain a literary contribution equal if not greater to the vast majority of most of the other content here.

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