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  1. Mattistan

    I Wonder...

    I wonder why mindless mouth-breathers assume that a having strong el nino weather locally this year means that they should discredit years of research. Did you notice the winter games? Did you notice how they were all going OMGWTFBBQ because it was so warm in Canada? I wonder why? !@#$@#$ PACIFIC CURRENTS SHIFTED OR SOME OTHER !@#$. I got 12 inches Saturday and I didn't think, "He haw, dem scientists they is rong." I was thinking about how strong of an el nino year it was. I wonder why I'm even replyiong at all. I've been drinking.
  2. But you need to file Form 2163 with #7 before you can qualify for a Form 8270 number form. Then you can wait five days in the Mosh tunnel to learn about number procedures. After than you move to the Mustard Mite tunnel to learn about gathering food. Good luck!
  3. A goldfish out of water makes a wonderful source of protein for the colony.
  4. We are why you can't have nice things. We will carry them back to the tunnels as food.
  5. Mattistan


    Sometimes the queen allows me to sleep for a while, but usually I just dig through the night.
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