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  1. My last piece of pie... A blinding light passed over me on my way back to the fabled oatmeal pie. Perhaps #1081's light, who knows, all I know is that this little bit of oatmeal flavored crumble and fake frosting shall be my last meal. MY QUEEN... and my life.... (my love)
  2. Flragnararch

    The light

    So #1081 wasn't talking about the pie, he was talking about his own revolution. It'll fail. The queen is our idol, her and her alone. The rogue ants will be devoured by the soldiers and their heads put on display for all who will against the queen. I only hope the red ants won't take note of our possibly weakened state when the !@#$ hits the tunnel entrance. We'll feast in oatmeal pie and celebrate the removal of our weaker brethren. Long live the Queen!
  3. Flragnararch

    Day 3

    You would rub his mandibles
  4. Yay for moral victories. The oatmeal pie might just end these shenanigans for good. As the news spread throughout the colony, #1081 was mumbling something about revolution as I trekked passed to the sampling of the oatmeal pit being passed out. This pie could very well be a revolution. The preservatives alone should spell out our food stores for the next few years.
  5. That ant is right, you are unique, just like all the trillions of ants out there.
  6. Flragnararch

    The new hex

    With the new hex done most of the workers are moving food from the upper stores down to make room for the casualties. These are ants we've all known and now they're coming in with their detached antenna in their mandibles and legs left on the battlefield. I get news from #4091 about the tides of war from the outside as we continue our tunnel making and repairs. One of these days it will be over.
  7. Flragnararch

    Day 2

    You should be glad its not #1624, I heard he and #7331 got into it something fierce.
  8. There once was a dumb ant named gus whose thorax, as long as a bus he got the mumps bad which sure made him mad and boy could that dumb ant cuss
  9. Actually, chewing up anything that attacks us sounds pretty useful. Increased food stores, removal of the enemy, comradery amongst your fellow ant; I fail to see any problems
  10. Hey #384232, help me with this chunk when you're done helping out the cave ants. The rest of the tunnelers are almost around the rock in the expansion area and are looking for volunteers to get a jump into the first hex construction
  11. I knew I wasn't the only one who heard that. Poor #27635, he always did like it up high though. Remember that one time on that blade of grass. Good times...
  12. You would think #17000 has a nice thorax you randy !@#$%^&.
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