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five years, twenty-five days

Chief Savage Man



That's how long since I started playing Cyber Nations.

During that length of time, I have never once owned a nuclear weapon.

until today





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hey it only took me forever to get a WRC.

Everytime i was in with a shot of getting one, someone or the other had to act loony and the whole shebang got hit for a six.

WRC procurement preventers:

Ordo Verde and Pacifica


Lennox [impero]

Now i have one.

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CSM, bro; how did it take this long?

october 06: nation created

january 07: close to nuke range, GW2 happens

april 07: get drunk, reroll

august 07: banned

december 08: unbanned, stick with !@#$ resources because I'm in Vox and it doesn't matter anyway

may 09: consider rerolling for better resources, karma aid drop makes me decide to roll with it

may-september 09: in tLC, inactive, don't really grow

september-december 09: in bel air, do better at growing still not great

january 10: reroll because I'm tired of crap resources

january 10: bipolar war

january-august 10: do bad job of growing because \m/

august 10-january 11: grow well, buy wonders but not MP

january-march 11: DH-NPO war, buy SDI, get grinded into dust while fighting with goons, no warchest

march-present day: finally regrow and buy an MP

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