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Please Invicta, don't betray Legion

Joe Stupid


Give Rok some of the free tech we've been hearing about. We need it. Declare on NSO.


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Meh, Legion should be able to take Tetris and NSO. Guess we'll see, though. /shrug

True, but we all know what happened last time Legion took on two alliances smaller than them.

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We did some research on Ragnarok in TE and i can tell that you that roughly half of the test group didn't know to do more than fire CM's, a large portion went a full round of attacks and then gave up, and a lot of others just whined a lot.

And that's from the members who were active enough to sign up to their TE alliance



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RoK's treaty is a non-chaining MDP, from what I read.Not that it matters.

Article III

NSO and RoK will defend each other militarily in the case of an attack upon one another. Should the attack be due to any other treaty, defense is not mandatory but encouraged.

Article IV

If we want to hit you together, then we will

Looks like an MDoAP to me.

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Invcita is the perfect alliance for RoK to fight, knowing both alliance's military (or lack thereof) prowess.

We deserve a little more credit then that lol.

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