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One of my new favorite pastimes now is to write letters to my alliance leader, Princess Regnant Herooftime55, and post them on the United Equestria forums. Last night on our channel some interesting things happened that spawned a facebook status and a letter. I will share them below so you can have just a tiny glimpse into the insanity that is United Equestria (lol). One thing I will say, if ship-shipping is not a real thing, it SHOULD be.



So because I got tired of people shipping ponies in United Equestria's irc channel, another member and I started a parody "ship shipping" in which the Titanic and the Britanic got romantically involved, and the Britanic actually directed the Titanic into an iceberg (spoiler if you haven't seen Titanic) for insurance money. Yea.



Dear Princess Herooftime,

Today I learned a valuable lesson about love. Love comes in many different types and can be between many different types of creatures, be they ponies, animals, or even large metallic ships, but the one thing that remains constant is the feeling between them. Your love for your friends will guide you through dark patches of life where you need somepony to rely on and be there for you. Your family love will always reassure you and let you know that no matter where you end up, there will always be a place you can call home with ponies that truly care about you. Then there is also romantic love, which can only be described by experience. No matter what kind of love it is, you should always be careful with whom you share it. While love is an amazing thing to share with somepony, it leaves you vulnerable and so it should be exercised with the utmost caution (lest someship takes out a life insurance policy on you, seduces you, and directs you to an icy grave)! I know that I will always have many different kinds of love in my life and that I am so very lucky to have it!

Your Faithful Student,



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The Britanic was downwind of the harbour tug and saw all the ugly, Titanic had it coming. BTW the boat sinks and most crew and passengers perish, however decorum was maintained altho British fear of ice would sadly become genetic.

Captain Turner: What's that in the water ahead? Ice?

Quartermaster Johstone: Nothing so dangerous as Ice!

Captain Turner: What then?

Quartermaster Johstone: Looks to be an infernal machine Sir.

Captain Turner: Oh, those. Steady on then.

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Is there a particular type of pony fanfiction in which all of the people in its CN alliance leave the game?

This could end up being the 'One Great Thing' which unites all corners of the Cyberverse.

We can make this happen, my friends.

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