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Why You Should Listen to Us: hawk_11




As you know, AirMe has been conducting this podcast for quite some time. The first episode predates KARMA, and that predates a lot of you people out there. One thing we never touched on though is why you should listen to us. First, I'd like to think I'm not egotistical enough to actually suggest that if you don't listen to us, you're wrong. That's entirely incorrect, and any one who tells you that you are wrong for not listening to this podcast is themselves wrong. Also let me know who they are, because clearly they're a die-hard fan, and I'd like to commission a T-shirt for them with our logo.


(Although we'd probably have to pay royalties to the included characters.)

No, instead what I want to convey with this entry is that we're not just a bunch of old men on the porch discussing politics. We're old men on the porch discussing politics with credentials. We've done a whole lot of the stuff we talk about in this podcast. AirMe himself was at some point a Protector (leader) of the National Alliance of/for Arctic Countries, an alliance that was founded in January 2006. I believe he was it during Great War II (December 2006-January 2007). It's now January 2011. You can do the math on that one to find out how old he is. He has been a prominent member of the anti-NPO (ANPO) side for quite some time. But this blog isn't about him; it's about me.

I'm the yang to AirMe's yin. Entering this game in March 2006, I've been a member of the New Pacific Order for almost the entire time, save a brief stint trying to help Stormsend with the Federation of Buccaneers before they went under. I've served in numerous government positions, mostly foreign affairs, throughout my time there. At the end of my career in late 2009, I served as Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs, then as Imperial Officer of Media Affairs, the highest positions in the NPO for their trades. Afterwards, I passed the torch onto the younger generation and continued as an advisor for then-new Emperor Cortath.

Why is this important? Well, I like to think of this podcast as a roundtable discussion between three of CyberNations's more experienced players. The most important aspect of a roundtable is that experts from various backgrounds come together to discuss and debate topics of current interest. Therefore, it's extremely important to this podcast to have the three of us come from different backgrounds. I'm about to go off on an extreme tangent here and give the three of us CyberNations political affiliations that haven't been used before. Bear with me.

Stormsend, being a long-time member of MK and ANPO for most of his CN career, aligns himself on what I've dubbed the "CN-Left" (Eat your heart out LSF). The most important aspect of the CN-Left is that they're new-school thinkers and thus more liberal with how they conduct affairs in CyberNations. This school of thought has often opposed the New Pacific Order, so being anti-NPO is almost a staple of being CN-Left.

I, of course, am "CN-Right" (Suck it, Nordreich). This is defined as being like-mind with groups of players who prefer more traditional CyberNations politics and are more conservative with how we conduct affairs. CN-Right is not defined by the New Pacific Order, but, oddly enough, alliances that tend to go towards the right have found themselves aligned with the NPO at some point or another (Viridian Entente).

AirMe is the kicker. I view him as CN-Centrist with left-leanings. Something happened at some point that disenchanted him with the extreme side of the left and made him strike-out on his own as the founder of Ronin. Since then, he's agreed with issues on both side of the political spectrum.

As you can see, the three of us make a perfect round-table, and that is why you should listen to this podcast. Nowhere else in CyberNations are you going to get analysis from three people who all have as much experience in this game from entirely different viewpoints. You can't even get three people like us to play nice on the OWF, let alone record a show together, and that's what makes this podcast so special.

Hopefully I convinced you to check out our next podcast with this wall of text. We should be recording some time today, and when schedules return to normalcy after this January, we should be recording once a week. Be sure to listen in.



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I took part in one of these podcasts quite a while back. I believe it was shortly after the whole 'Rogue Red Senator' thing. It was fun, and I would suggest that all players might get something out of this.

I, of course, am "CN-Right" (Suck it, Nordreich).

Merely saying something does not make it so. Besides, a true right-winger would not split an infinitive.

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* Andy P awakens the linguist in himself

Only a Latin freak would campaign against splitting infinitives, it's been something speakers of English do since English exists. And something people who see Latin as paramount of grammar have been campaigning against since way back too. English isn't Latin, not even a romance language, suck it up. :P

Edit: about*->*against

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