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TOP_v_CnG War Web





Edits coming up:

TMF will be fixed to defending TORN.

GOONS will be fixed to CnG side.

NEW, Sparta, GOD and CSN being added.

adding FAN to the fray.



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TMF defended TORN.
And Goons is on the CnG side, attacking TMF.

Will be fixing those mistakes ;)

I thought red was supposed to be the aggressor and blue the defender.

As far as Red_vs_Blue, I just picked a color for each side, the colors don't mean anything :D

NSO is also at war with GOD and CSN.
Sparta is also in war and attacking TOP.

New is attacking athens

No FAN? :(

Working on adding all those alliances here shortly!

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Fark declared on NSO first so the arrow could at least go both ways for some level of accuracy since we are pretending this is a totally separate war. *rollseyes*

I'll change that next update, While they aren't seperate wars, its easier to split the map that way, I just consider it two fronts.

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