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The Grand Global Alliance

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[size=6]The Grand Global Alliance[/size]
[size=4]Fortuna Fortes Juvat - Fortune Favors the Brave[/size]


[i]The Grand Global Alliance,[/i]
A [color=green]Green[/color] team alliance,
founded on [b]March 1st, 2006[/b],
over 4 years ago.

[i]We are the Grand Global Alliance[/i],

We are a family who has green blood running through our veins and will do anything to protect the sovereignty of our alliance and the green sphere.

We are a family who works together through the most challenging events and come out stronger than anyone imagines.

Or wishes.

We are a family who takes pride in the freedom our charter provides for us and the sovereignty and freedom we hold.

We also take pride in that we have the sexiest alliance forum ever created.

The charter of the Grand Global Alliance outlines our government type and policies,
and most importantly,
[b]our Blood Oath of Loyalty,[/b]
Which every GGA member holds true in their heart.


[size="1"][u][b]I. Membership and Conduct[/b][/u]

The Grand Global Alliance prides itself on loyalty and the conduct of its members. As such, any member of the Grand Global Alliance agrees to remain loyal to the alliance and his or her alliance-mates, as well as conduct themselves with decency and good will in all situations.

[u][b]II. Alliance Hierarchy[/b][/u]

A. Sovereign and Chief Protector of the Realm

The Sovereign is the supreme sovereign ruler of the Grand Global Alliance. As ruler of the Grand Global Alliance, the Sovereign is responsible for the entire alliance and acts as the representative in all global and internal affairs. The Sovereign is responsible for appointing the Regent and Chancellor (with approval of 3/5 of the Council of Ministers) and may remove any member of the alliance at any time. The Sovereign may also declare war, sign treaties, and cancel treaties.

B. Regent

The regent, alongside the Chancellor, acts as a replacement for the Sovereign in the event of an emergency. The Regent also oversees all external Ministries.

C. Chancellor

The Chancellor, alongside the Regent, acts as a replacement for the Sovereign in the event of an emergency. The Chancellor also oversees all internal Ministries.

D. Prime Minister and Ministers

Each Minister is responsible for the day-to-day aspects of each of his or her Ministry. Ministers are appointed by the Sovereign based on qualification and activity levels. Ministers may appoint one or more deputies, depending on need. Ministers and deputies may be removed by the Sovereign at any time. The Prime Minister is elected by a 3/5 majority of the Council of Ministers and may not be removed by the Sovereign except in a situation that involves alliance security. The Prime Minister will serve as the third and final member of the Council of Three alongside the Regent and Chancellor and shall vote in the case of a tie.

E. Chamber of Paladins

Paladin is the highest membership rank one may hold in the Grand Global Alliance. In order to advance from Cavalier to Paladin, one must be active, participate, and promote Grand Global Alliance ideals across the cyberverse.

F. Chamber of Cavaliers

Cavaliers hold the second highest membership rank in the alliance. Cavaliers are the active and participating members of the Grand Global Alliance.

G. Chamber of Knights

Knights make up the most basic full membership rank. In order to become a Knight, a Squire must show activity, loyalty, and pass a Grand Global Alliance History and Knowledge Test.

H. Chamber of Squires

Squires are the lowest possible rank. This is the rank achieved by passing the entrance exam upon applying to the Grand Global Alliance. Members who show little activity, either within the alliance or in game, will remain in this rank. Squires have no say in alliance affairs.

[u][b]III. Procedures of the Grand Global Alliance[/b][/u]

A. Censure, Appeals, and Removal - The Sovereign may remove any member at any time. Upon removal, any member above the rank of Squire will receive a chance to appeal to the Sovereign and the Regent/Chancellor/Prime Minister. Any Paladin or above may recommend a member for removal from the alliance.

B. Resignation - In order to resign, a member must send a private message to the Sovereign telling the Sovereign that he or she is leaving with a brief explanation as to why the resignation is taking place. If a member leaves incorrectly, they may be open to repercussions from the Grand Global Alliance.

C. Declaration of War - The Sovereign may issue declarations of war.

D. Ratification and Cancellation of Treaties - The Sovereign may sign or cancel any treaty based on the confines and terms of the treaty.

E. Two-Thirds Rule - Two-Thirds of the Council of Three (Regent/Chancellor/Prime Minister) may overturn any ruling by the Sovereign.

F. Removal of the Sovereign - Removal of the Sovereign may be accomplished by a joint vote of Regent, Chancellor, and Prime Minister OR any combination of two of Regent/Chancellor/Prime Minister and 3/5 of the Ministry Council OR 75% of members OR 2/3 of members and any one of Regent/Chancellor/Prime Minister.

G. Amendments - Amendments to the charter may be made by the Sovereign with the unanimous consent of the Council of Three.

H. Prime Minister Elections - A proposal for election of a new Prime Minister may be made by any Minister and must be seconded by another Minister.

[u][b]IV. Policies of the Grand Global Alliance[/b][/u]

A. Sovereignty - The Grand Global Alliance reserves its sovereign right to declare war in any situation it deems necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, support and defense of friends whom we may not be allied to by treaty.

B. Unaligned Raiding - The Grand Global Alliance does not condone but does not prevent its members from raiding unaligned nations. Any raiding done by a member nation is to be done completely solo and members will not receive backup or rebuilding aid for raids.

C. Espionage - The Grand Global Alliance will not use espionage against any nation not at war with the Grand Global Alliance. It will also not engage in espionage against any foreign alliance's place of residence. Any attempts or acts of espionage against a nation of the Grand Global Alliance or the Castle of the Grand Global Alliance will be treated as an act of war by the offending nation/alliance.

D. Treason - Any member found to be in conspiracy to harm the Grand Global Alliance shall be blacklisted and subject to military and diplomatic response.

E. Nuclear Weapons - The Grand Global Alliance recognizes nuclear weapons as a legitimate weapon of war. Members may use them at their discretion with coordination with their battalion leaders.

F. Use of Zero Infrastructure - The Grand Global Alliance may issue one (1) zero infrastructure on a nation. This must come from the Minister of Defense and Intelligence or the Sovereign. The Grand Global Alliance will not use permanent nor eternal zero infrastructure.

G. Sanctions - The Grand Global Alliance will consider any sanctioning of a member to be an act of war by the sanctioning nation and/or alliance.

[u][b]V. Amendments[/b][/u]

I. Apr. 11, 2010 -- "Prime Minister Elections - A proposal for election of a new Prime Minister may be made by any Minister and must be seconded by another Minister."[/size][/quote][/center]

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