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Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: New Imperator named

“Today, the declaration of martial law across the country expired and Constitutional normality was restored. The Supreme People’s Court now has the task of charging and bringing cases against several of the individuals who were arrested during the state of martial law. The Courts are also expected to decide upon penalties for the private media corporations who deliberately broadcast false news items during the state of martial law.

In other news, the Minister of the Interior has been ordered by President Anyatevich to commission an independent panel to examine the events that occurred in East Ingushetia during martial law, and to investigate the reports of excessive use of force on the part of state agents. The investigation is due to begin shortly and may be complete in the next six months.

We are also able to report that the Supreme People’s Court has now publically issued their ruling regarding the now vacant throne of Vauleyo-Buryatia. The previous court ruling dismissed Yuri, the former Prince Regent and declared his claim invalid. The Supreme People’s Court carefully examined the National and Royal Archives for the Constitutional Succession Clause of the original Constitution.

The Court determined that the claim submitted by Pyotr Peaceheart-Zenn was valid under the Constitutionl According to the Constitution, Prince Pyotr meets all of the necessary criteria to claim the throne. There is not a lot of information available about Prince Pyotr at this time, other than the fact that he is the son of Vaule’s Imperator Azenquor I, and Princess Juli Peaceheart. We will tell you more once we receive more information from the Palace.

According to the Constitution, now that the sole valid claimant to the throne of Vauleyo-Buryatia has been identified, and his identity and ancestry confirmed, the government is expected to order the Coronation of Prince Pyotr as Imperator. At this stage, the Palace has suggested that the Coronation ceremony will take place as early as next week.”-Reporter


The private invitations to the Coronation ceremony are dispatched to the following nations:

-All nations in Asia and Oceania with the exception of the New Empire Of Kyoto (formerly known as the Michizura Empire). (OOC: From Slavorussia, Rebel Army and Caucasia in the west to Yuktobania in the East)

Special Invitations are sent to the following nations:

-Sarnungian Republic

Standard Coronation Invitation:


To: The Government of [Nation name]

Fr: The Government of Vauleyo-Buryatia

On behalf of the monarchy of Vauleyo-Buryatia, we cordially invite you to attend the Coronation Ceremony of His Most Orthodox Majesty Prince Pyotr of Vaule. Should your government decide to dispatch a representative to attend the ceremony, they may contact the nearest Vauleyo-Buryatian Embassy, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vauleyo-Buryatia for additional information and travel specifics.


Miroslav Anyatevich, President of Vauleyo-Buryatia

Grigori Ourumov, Deputy President of Vauleyo-Buryatia

Special Invitations:


To: King Sargun Peaceheart, Sarnungian Republic

Fr: The Office of Prince Pyotr

On behalf of His Majesty Prince Pyotr, the monarchy of Vauleyo-Buryatia extends a personal invitation to attend his Regal Coronation in the capital of Vauleyo-Buryatia in seven days.


Prince Pyotr

OOC: EDIT: Fixed Michizura ->The New Empire Of Kyoto

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King Peaceheart looked at the invitation and smiled at this newly elected Prime Minister Klass in front of him. "My dear Prime Minister, would you care for a coronation?"



CODE: 34813.3900.0.1


On behalf of His Majesty Prince Sargun, the monarchy of the Sarnungian Republic has accepted the invitation and will be attending with his Prime Minster, Myleene Klass.

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-All nations in Asia and Oceania with the exception of the Michizura Empire. (OOC: From Slavorussia, Rebel Army and Caucasia in the west to Yuktobania in the East)

OOC:Um Michuraza no longer exists now,its The New Empire Of Kyoto or TNEOK for short now.

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BCNA: Imperator-in-Waiting meets with Religious Leaders


“Today, Crown Prince Pyotr met with several religious leaders at the Yakutsk Buddhist Shrine. The Chief Patriarch of the Vaulian Orthodox Church, the Council of Khambo Lamas, and the Grand Imam of East Ingushetia were in attendance at the closed door meeting. The meeting was somewhat unusual, as the Royal Family rarely meets with religious leaders prior to the investiture ceremony. It was also significant as the press was barred from entering the holy Buddhist Shrine.

After the meeting was concluded, the Prince took time to meet with several of the Buddhist Monks at the shrine and to hold a private meeting with Patriarch Mikhail of the Vaulian Orthodox Church. What was discussed at the meetings is unknown however sources close to the Senior Khambo Lama suggest that the Prince discussed the possibility of a separation between the Vaulian Orthodox Church and the state.

As soon as the Prince emerged from the meeting, he left the Shrine without comment and returned to the Palace. The Royal Spokesperson has said that the Prince is ‘reviewing all necessary protocol regarding the Coronation Ceremony that is due to occur in six days time’. The spokesperson did not accept questions, but has sought to assure the press that there would be a press conference at a time ‘chosen by Prince Pyotr’.

As we continue to watch developments on the Royal front, we will also pay close attention to the preparations for the Royal Coronation, due to begin later this evening.”-Reporter

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Handwritten reply from Tsar Justinian:

On behalf of the government of Slavorussia, and myself personally, I would like to congratulate His Highness Prince Pyotr. The Tsaritsa and I are looking forward to visiting Vauleo-Buryatia and being witnesses to this momentous day.

Justinian Romanov, Emperor of Slavorussia

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All representatives who indicated their intention to attend the ceremony receive an encrypted message from the Vauleyo-Buryatian Diplomatic Corps instructing them to land at the Sygh-Varthys International Airport for the coronation in four days. They are informed that security measures have been taken including, but not limited to closing the entire Sygh-Varthys Airport for their arrival.

BCNA News: Coronation preparation continues, President heads into rough reelection climate

"Preparations for Prince Pyotr's coronation have kicked into overdrive today. Several roads in the center of Sygh-Varthys have been closed by security forces in preparation for the event. Teams of police and soldiers conducted a rehearsal of several security protocols expected to be used on the day of the event. As a result of the closure of these roads, traffic has been diverted away from Revolution Square towards downtown Sygh-Varthys via the V-82 corridor. Commuters can expect an additional 30-45 minute delay over the next few days.

Those taking the Sygh-Varthys metro system, will experience a minor inconvenience as all stations immediately near to the Square and the Palace have been closed. The trains are, however, permitted to proceed through the stations, but are instead instructed not to stop at any of the closed stations. The Capital Transport Authority (CTA) has brought in additional staff to deal with the increased traffic at stations in the capital regions.

In other news, President Anyatevich appears to be heading towards a very difficult election campaign. The President is up for re-election in seven months, when his mandate expires. What appeared to be an easy reelection, now looks in doubt as the President's approval ratings have dropped suddenly. In the past few days, the President's approval rating slipped from 91% to 68% and several of his political advisers have started sounding the alarm. When a poll was conducted to determine what caused the drop in the President's approval ratings, several respondents who reported being dissatisfied with the President have cited the lack of progress towards Asian Unity, coupled with the handling of the Independence of the Kingdom of Jaduka.

These two issues may become extremely vital this election season as the economy continues its rebound. Already four MPs from the Opposition coalition have tabled a motion in Parliament condemning the President for proceeding with the independence of the Kingdom of Jaduka. The MPs have claimed that the situation has set a very dangerous precedent that would be used 'willingly by those seeking to undermine national unity' and that it was their 'duty as members of the Parliament to ensure that national unity is maintained'. What is most interesting about the dip in the President's approval ratings, is that it has re-energized the center right opposition.

To add to the mix, the Vauleyo-Buryatian Nationalist Party, under the leadership of Aleksandar Ivanov, has recruited several thousand new members in the Northern provinces bordering the Kingdom of Jaduka in the past few days alone. The sudden upswing in support for Ivanov in the Northern provinces is due in part to his vehement opposition to the independence of the Kingdom of Jaduka. At a campaign rally, Ivanov went as far as to suggest that: '...no group, regardless of its culture will become independent from Vauleyo-Buryatia ever again. If they wish it, they will have to do it over our dead bodies'. Other nationalist leaders have expressed the sentiment that the country will be destabilized in the future if several other communities attempt to declare independence by citing the Jaduka model.

What is clear so far is that the Vauleyo-Buryatian Social Democratic Party (SDP) will have a serious opposition contender for the first time in several years, and if they are not careful, they could lose their majority in Parliament or worse the Presidency."-Reporter

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All representatives who indicated their intention to attend the ceremony receive an encrypted message from the Vauleyo-Buryatian Diplomatic Corps instructing them to land at the Sygh-Varthys International Airport for the coronation in four days. They are informed that security measures have been taken including, but not limited to closing the entire Sygh-Varthys Airport for their arrival.

***Encrypted Reply***

"Message recieved."

***End Message***

Jackson nodded awake as the stewardess cleared her throat politely. He'd been catching some much-needed sleep on the way there. Someone had screwed up--he'd only just gotten back from one event and now he was being sent to another. Ah well, it should prove interesting, at least.

He stretched in his seat as the plane descended, finally touching down at the designated airport. His guard (he still had to get used to having Lillians guard him--it still really wasn't all that long ago they used to be SWORD agents) were alert, though trouble was not aniticpated. One of them disembarked ahead of him, scanning the area once before letting him follow.

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Mr. Guchkov's plane descended at the designated airport. Ironically, he was not bringing any guards, but it was justified since the army has not been reestablished. Coming off the plane, Guchkov looked at his surroundings, he knew that a lot of people would come to see the coronation.

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As plane after plane touches down at the Sygh-Varthys International Airport, each arriving delegation is met by the Vauleyo-Buryatian Diplomatic Corps. After pleasantries are exchanged, the Diplomatic Corps directs the delegations to a series of limousines waiting to take them to the Palace.

***Sygh-Varthys (6:12am)***


-The Imperial Palace (Sygh-Varthys)

As the limousines head towards the Palace, the sun begins to rise over the horizon. The convoy heads through revolution square past column after column of Vauleyo-Buryatian flags lining the street. The convoy passes the large stone gateway and pulls up into the courtyard exactly on cue.


-Palace Shrine

As the delegations emerge from the cars and walk towards the Palace, they see a large golden shrine near to the Palace. Suddenly, as if on cue, the sun reaches the position just behind the tip of the tower and suddenly bathes the entire courtyard in gold for several moments.

The doors of the Palace swing open and four lines of Buddhist monks emerge carrying incense. They march in line up to the tower and disappear inside.

The delegations are informed that the Coronation ceremony will commence at 8:08am, and would be completed by 8:08pm. Until the ceremony the delegations are ushered into an ornately decorated conference room with several waiters standing in the wings. Deputy President Ourumov introduces himself and converses lightly with the assembled guests as the waiters begin serving a light breakfast.


-Imperial Palace Interior Corridor

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Well, at least the jet lag wasn't too bad. It wasn't even full daylight yet.

But Jackson couldn't complain about the view as the sun came up. No doubt they'd timed it deliberately, he thought with a smile, politely hiding a yawn. He was still waking up, not bored, and he didn't want to be rude.

During the meal, he complimented Ourumov on the proceedings thus far, especially the view as they had arrived.

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After the meal, the guests were shown to a nearby balcony to view the coronation procession through Revolution Square. As tens of thousands of people flocked into the square, the procession began. From the eastern end of the square, four soldiers and the Patriarch of the Vaulian Orthodox Church emerge from a large cathedral and march through the square towards the Palace. Two of the soldiers in the procession marched ahead holding the national and royal flags aloft. A few paces behind them, the Patriarch followed holding a bible, and the last soldier carried the original Vauleyan Constitution.

The procession marched to the steps of the Palace and stood waiting. On cue, the larger parade began. Ten thousand civilians marched in tight formation through the square. As they passed the balcony of the Royal Palace each person held up a single bouquet of flowers simultaneously, creating a large version of the Royal Standard. Cheers rose from the crowd as the first group marched onwards, past the Palace and out of sight. Almost immediately a group of 15,000 students emerged from the east of the square carrying red flags.


-Imperial Cathedral

For the second time since they arrived, the guests were ushered from the balcony and through the halls of the Palace. In mere minutes, they arrived at the Imperial Cathedral. The Diplomatic Corps directed each guest to their specially reserved seats as the final preparations were completed for the ceremony to begin.

Once all of the delegates and guests were in their seats, the Patriarch walked up to the podium. Two soldiers of the Royal Honor Guard walk slowly into the room holding the Constitution and the Order of Vauleya. With mechanical precision they place the two objects on either side of the podium and stand off to the side.



The platform was modestly decorated by a carefully woven, gold trimmed tapestry with the Royal Seals of each ruler of Vaule sewn into the design. On a pedestal in front of the tapestry was a small golden throne with two lions carved into the sides.

In a few moments Prince Pyotr would enter and the ceremony would begin.

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The procession and parade were an awe-inspiring display, almost Hanseatic in their grandeur. And it was an impressive show of patriotism on the part of the civilians.

But soon enough, it was over, and they were escorted to the Imperial Cathedral. Jackson took his assigned seat quietly, respecful of the ceremony that was about to begin, though that didn't stop him from staring all around in fascination.

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The Patriarch, who had been standing on the Podium for several minutes, stepped forward to address those assembled.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Dukes, Lords and Honored guests,

Many times throughout a nation’s history, it must revisit its roots. It must return to the basic will that led to its inception. This will is simple, it is the will that a group of people should have the power to be governed by a leader who is truly their own. These events shape the past, present and future of every nation that exists today. These events transcend religion, ethnicity, class, and borders.

Today we are gathered to invest Crown Prince Pyotr, with one of the most sacred offices of the nation, that of its Monarch. In so doing, let us also recall those who came before him, and let us acknowledge those who will undoubtedly come after him. Let us recognize the contribution of the late General Zhukov to the independence of the nation. Let us recognize the contribution of Imperator Azenquor I to the development of the nation. But most importantly, let us not forget the Imperators who came before him. Our nation’s history is a rich tapestry spanning the generations.

This ceremony symbolizes the unity of the old and the new, the ancient and the modern, the founders and their successors. It symbolizes the unity that brought our ancestors together generations ago.”-Patriarch


-Royal Crown

Two Bishops, in their clerical garb, walk onto the platform. The first bishop holds the crown aloft on a velvet cushion, while the second raises a golden scepter. The Patriarch continues to speak:

“This crown represents the unity of our nation and the strength and determination of our people. It represents the monarchs spanning the generations. It represents all from the age of the House of Vauleya, to the House of Peaceheart-Zenn. It encapsulates the continuity of our history and all of the stages of our nation.

This Scepter represents the earthly authority of the Monarchy. It represents the faith and strength of the people, and our unity of purpose. It represents the control of government in the interests of the people.”-Patriarch

The doors to the Cathedral swing open, and a single guard declares in a loud booming voice:

“His Highness Prince Pyotr arrives!”

Immediately, all of those present in the cathedral stood and faced the door, lining both sides of the pathway. Then Prince Pyotr entered the hall, dressed in regal robes of state. The Prince walked slowly, but purposefully towards the podium. He climbed the steps and stood just in front of the throne.

Once the Prince was in position, three Bishops, two Buddhist Monks and an Imam entered the Hall and stood before the podium. They each bowed to the Prince as they entered before they moved into position.

With everything in place, the Patriarch nodded to the two Bishops on the platform. The first Bishop handed the Prince the Scepter and waited for him to sit on the throne. Once the Prince was seated, the Patriarch spoke:

“By the powers vested in me by the Constitution of Vauleyo-Buryatia and the Articles of the Monarchy, we are here to invest Prince Pyotr with the Office of the Imperator. This is not an office to be taken lightly. Before we begin the Oath of Office, the Articles require that the appointment and the eligibility of the appointee be confirmed before those gathered.”-Patriarch

The Patriarch turns to face the six clergymen and says:

“Representatives of the People of Vauleyo-Buryatia, in line with your duty under the Constitution and the Articles of the Monarchy, shalt thou, on behalf of the people, confirm the appointment of Pyotr Peaceheart-Zenn as Imperator and testify to his validity to hold such office?”-Patriarch

The first Bishop kneeled, then replied: “For Kivortistan, Faron, Regulus and Caledonia, I do so confirm Prince Pyotr”

The second Bishop kneeled, then replied: “For Novaya and Severnaya Zemlya, Arcannez and Olenyok, I do so confirm Prince Pyotr”

The third Bishop kneeled, then replied: “For Vograd, Zenn and New Faron, I do so confirm Prince Pyotr”

The first Monk kneeled, then replied: “For Normoon, Sakha, Aldan and Kolyma, I do so confirm Prince Pyotr”

The second Monk kneeled, then replied: “For Carmagh and all of the Overseas territories, I do so confirm Prince Pyotr”

Finally, the Imam kneeled, then replied: “For the East Ingushetia Region, I do so confirm Prince Pyotr”

Once all six had announced their agreement, the Patriarch removed the crown from its place and held it high above his head, in full view of all present. He turned to face Prince Pyotr, and held the crown above his head. Immediately, Prince Pyotr began to recite the Oath of office.

“I, Pyotr Zenquovich Vladimirovich Guttorp-Faronne-Peaceheart-Zenn, acknowledging my sacred duty to the people and nation of Vauleyo-Buryatia and the Constitution and Articles of Monarchy, and acknowledging my hereditary claim to the throne, do accept my appointment as Imperator. I pledge to uphold my responsibilities to the people of this nation as laid out in the Articles of Monarchy. I pledge to utilize the powers afforded to my office in the interest of the people of the nation, and to rule without fear or favor. I pledge to put the interests of the nation above those of myself. I pledge to defend to death the liberty and independence of Vauleyo-Buryatia and to responsibly command the armed forces thereof.

I accept the duties and powers of the Office of the Imperator upon this day the 25th of January Imperial Year 1013.”-Pyotr

The Patriarch placed the crown on Pyotr’s head then turned to address the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, honored guests, delegates and diplomats, I present to you:

His Imperial Majesty, Pyotr Vladimirovich Guttorp-Faronne-Peaceheart-Zenn, Imperator of Vauleyo-Buryatia and her overseas territories and dominions, Knight of Caledonia, Lord of Novaya and Severnaya Zemlya, Paramount Leader of Vauleya, Commander-in-Chief of the Organization of the Zodiac (Special Forces)

Long may he reign!”-Patriarch

The crowd applauds and cheers: “Long may he reign!” as the new Imperator signs his decree of appointment.

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Chancellor Fukuyama couldn't help but applaud as the time called for it. These proceedings were grand indeed, and regardless of the fact that this coronation was for a foreigner, it was still the coronation of an imperial monarch. He knew Haruhi would support his applause if she could have made it.

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Guchkov applauded for the New Imperator, a grand coronation of which the likes he had never seen before. Though it was for a foriegn monarch, it was still a monarch and it was to be expected.

This made Guchkov wonder what if Yuktobania was a monarch, would a King or Queen of Yuktobania do something like that?

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