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Defining a member of your alliance


Defining a Member   

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I'm sure this has been hashed and re-hashed in the age of morality but I want to see a poll to gauge public response. Yes this is a question of IC/OOC divides and is a key factor in things such as EZI and prosecuting for past crimes of a nation.

So how does your alliance go about it?

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For me, it' difficult to separate the two. Ultimately a persons actions define who they are. If they role-play a bad person, they effectively are a bad person for the purpose of our interactions, making the distinction unnecessary in my opinion.

To put it slightly differently, for the purposes of clarification..

The persona you project with your words and actions, whether you role-play or not, is to me the person you are for the purposes of the game. This renders the distinction unnecessary for me.

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It's stupid to judge someone by how they are out of character.

For example, OOC I'm a pacifist libertarian socialist and serious. IC I'm pro-war, pro-authoritarian, and pro-lol.

Granted, it is impossible once given the identity of a re-roll, to ever see them as anything but their former identity again. That's some OOC creeping into our IC world for ya. ;)

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I view IC and OOC to be one in the same to be honest, so probably OOC. The IC only matters to me when it comes to the actual game. But then again I also view IRC as OOC regardless of the conversation.

How can you view irc OOC when you are using, almost always, an IC name to discuss game and everything else?

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