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The Juggernaut

Nagato the Great

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Echo Research Facility

Great Mandalorian Desert

Testing Hangar B4

Experimental Room 1

In Experimental Room 1, there was little that could be called furnishing. The entire room was a dull metallic colour, and there were a few chairs, and a desk. Most eye-catching was the long, metal slab in the centre of the room, open which lay a man. His arms and legs were clasped down to the slab with cold metal shackles, while in front of him a harried-looking man in a black lab coat loomed over him.

"Are you sure you wish to do this, Gregoriy?" he asked the man on the slab. "The process is painful, more so than anything you have or ever will experience; the injection, the grafting of the armour..."

"I have never been more sure." Gregory responded; he himself looked rather pale. "I am serving my country in doing this, and that is more than i could ever want. The pain is nothing."

Two other men in similar black lab coats walked in.

"Are we ready for the procedure?" the younger of them asked.

"Do not be so impatient, Anton." the other warned him. "This is a very big and important decision."

"We're ready." said the head scientist. "Gregory is ready." He turned to Gregory. "Our first step is to inject you with a solution that will strengthen your bones tens of tensfold."

"Like drinking a hundred cartons of milk a day, eh?" Gregory laughed weakly.

"Er--slightly more painful." the scientist replied. "It will take an hour for the solution to fully set in, in which--I will be honest--you will probably feel like you are burning in the fires of hell. After that comes the grafting of the Juggernaut armour, which, well, is no less painful."

"What effect does the armour have?"

"It will allow you to withstand explosives that would usually kill a man, and it will allow you to resist most bullets as well. This by no means makes you invincible, don't get that impression, Gregory. But mark my words, it will take a very long time to kill you."

"Here is the solution, sir." Anton carefully handed a syringe of a shining, metallic substance to the head scientist.

"Well, Gregory," the scientist said. "This is your last chance. You can still back out now. If you go on with this, you will never again be able to live the life of a normal man."

"Do it." Gregory grumbled. His teeth were clenched tight shut, and his eyes were shut tight as well.

"Very well then..." the scientist took the syringe. "Good luck, my friend."

He stabbed the needle into Gregory, and injected the solution.

5 hours later

Can you stand, Gregory?"

It had been almost 3 hours since the Juggernaut armour had been grafted onto Gregory. He didn't even feel it anymore. It wasn't a second skin; it was now his skin.


"Release the shackles." the head scientist turned to Anton, who unlocked the shackles. Gregory stood up, unsure at first, and then straightened himself out. He glanced at Anton; the scientist shrank back, apparently afraid. Gregory realized that he towered over Anton, who himself was rather tall.

"How do you feel, Gregory?"

"Well, like I just got hit by a train, dragged 50 miles, thrown into a volcano, drowned in lava, and then thrown into a pit of dry ice...but regardless, I feel more powerful than ever."

"As you should." the head scientist said, nodding. "We have a few tests to run now." he turned to the wall, which was solid carbonite. "Smash through it."

Gregory looked slightly nervous for a moment, and then complied. He didn't even try his hardest, yet his fist went clean through the wall like it was little more than paper.

"Good, good." The head scientist clapped softly. "Bring in the turret..."

Anton and his assistant rolled a minigun mounted on a platform into the room.


Anton fired three bursts at Gregory; Gregory stumbled backwards, moaning in pain.

"It will take some getting used to, Gregory." the head scientist said. "But eventually you'll hardly feel it."

"So what do I do now?"

"Well, we need to find a way to truly test your abilities..."

OOC: If anyone wants to join in, or provide the 'true test', please do, this is my first go at CNRPH

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OOC: The Juggernaut was designed with resisting all forms of attack, so sonic, which Dylan would fall under, wouldn't affect him as badly. But tell me where he is and how you want do do it


It was a day after the man once named Gregory had become The Juggernaut. He had been training with all weapons currently used by the Mandalorian military, and others that Mandalore had gotten from captured pirates. His helmet, which displayed an advanced HUD showing information such as name, nationality, threat level, weak points, so on, allowed him to quickly learn a weapon's advantages and disadvantages, and how to use it effectively. Behind him, Commander Leyv, the scientist who had overseen his creation, watched proudly. Project Juggernaut had proceeded perfectly.

The Juggernaut was still getting used to his new life. What had once been a sprint of unbelievable proportions had become to him little more than a brisk jog. He also found himself able to punch through nearly anything without effort. It was everything he'd ever dreamed of for his country.

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The stories shot through the internet like a shotgun in a tunnel. It bounced off every picture, witness, satellite image, or video of this 'juggernaut' character. The Agents of Merlin decided it reached the level of "put down."

Agent Sartose had found, and made his way to the Echo Research facility. As he made his way inside, accompanied by two fellow agents, he looked through his stainless glasses.

"Who's in charge?"

It came out more so a demand. His suit seemed perfect and his tone was direct. The two fellow agents seemed more slum and dressed more modern. They didnt wear glasses. It seemed to make Agent Sartose more official. When directed, Agent Sartose said,

"I have no time for games, this is an international crisis. I speak with noone outside of the head of this facility. Direct me to them...now."

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The Juggernaut strode out and walked up to the Agents of Merlin. Slung on his shoulder was an automatic anti-armour rifle, while around the other was a heavy-duty shotgun.

"You had better tell me who the hell you are, and what the hell you want, and who the hell gave you permission to talk like that, before you become my new training targets." though they couldn't see it, behind the helmet The Juggernaut grinned. "I haven't practiced with live targets yet."

He picked up Sartose by his neck and held him up to his face--so the leader was dangling 3 feet off the ground. Then he held him up high so he was dangling a good 6 feet.

"This is a secret facility, yet you got here and not only that, have the balls to talk like we're here to serve you. I smell some treachery in this."

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Agent Sartose smiled a grin. The grin that could make a man weak at the knees. He removed his glasses and looked at the man, his pupils yellow. He looked at the Juggernaut, then closed his eyes. His body lifted, He began to hover for a split second, but then his entire suit began to pixel out. His entire body began to fade out of reality. Then within another split second he transported back to his original position. He returned his glasses to his eyes. His grin faded away and he began to speak,

"Sir, the world isnt in need of seeing things like you, like us. I'm here to make sure that things stay...secret."

The Agent surveyed the area. He looked at his fellow agents and then returned to the Juggernaut.

"We're part of an international organization that holds more power than your damn government. We see everything and we know everything. You will answer to us and you will make damn sure that the monstrosity that you have made yourself into stays in check. We'll cover up your mistakes and we'll hide your tracks, but you better make damn sure that you keep yourself in line."

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"Hm. My quest to find the evil bunny man has brought me to this location. Perhaps the evil bunny man is in one of these facilities marked with "DANGER - DO NOT ENTER YOU WILL DIE" marked on them. But why would he come to this out-of-the way nation? ...Unless this is his plan to draw me in! Well then, evil bunny man! Prepare to meet thy doom, his name is Dylan!" Dylan began charging into the facility, but stopped dead in his tracks once he saw the Juggernaut holding the guy 6 feet in the air. "Ho-ly crap."

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"Uh-er-ah-um I believe I'm late for dinner. Hark! Is that my mother calling me? Well...it'sbeenfunbutIgottagonowOHDEARGODHELPMEHELPME" Dylan started by slowy tiptoing away, but that soon broke into an outright sprint the instant the Juggernaut ended his sentence. He didn't even know if the Juggernaut followed him, but he ran around a corner and hid anyway. "Well, that obviously wasn't the evil bunny man. Perhaps he was further inside. I must get past that...thing."

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"What have I to fear of the public?" The Juggernaut sneered. "The public, if it ever learns of me, will if anything fear and admire me."

He spotted Dylan out of the corner of his eye, his memory began to spin.

"The public will ask questions, and you wont be a secret. Get over yourself and work to make sure that we arent found. The humans and us are different. We cannot coexist.

His gun waved towards Dylan.


The other two Agents turned to Dylan, thier powers began to transform them. One's arm turned into a boulder as the remainder of the body turned into stone. The other's hands turned into claws as the fingers became daggers.

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"A monster."

The Agent Saratose transported behind Dylan, and chlorophormed his mouth. He held it there.

The Agent made of stone was barely phased by the fist. He turned and returned a boulder fist to the Juggernaut's face.

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"A monster."

The Agent Saratose transported behind Dylan, and chlorophormed his mouth. He held it there.

The Agent made of stone was barely phased by the fist. He turned and returned a boulder fist to the Juggernaut's face.

The Juggernaut stumbled backwards, and then charged forward with all his machine and man might, smashing himself into the Agent.

"I'm the monster? I don't kill kids."

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As Dylan was chlorophormed he managed to squek out, "Mommy, my train fell in the piano apple..." He slumped to the ground, occasionally babbling incoherently.

The agent released the paper with chlorophorm on it from Dylan's mouth, feeling the pain of those mumbled words hit his ears...but he held his conscienceness and raised his gun, shooting at the juggernaut. The Stone agent held his position as the Juggernaut smashed into him. The floor broke as the two solid titans battered each other.

Edited by Acca Dacca
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The Agent evaded the sharpnel that was the bullet remains. The stone Agent bounced off the wall. Rubbed it off, and took another charge. The Clawing Agent dialed his phone, and threw it into the corner. He took yet another charge at the juggernaut. Agent Saratose, put a gun to the back of Dylan's head and began to drag him off out of the way of the Juggernaut.

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