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A Guy's Night Out

KaiserMelech Mikhail

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Message sent to all male heads of state:

[insert name here],

Life got you down? Things not going quite right at home or running a country? Want to blow off some steam? Well, you're in luck! I am hosting a party just for us bros. It will be held in the Marscurian Pakistani barrens, so we will have lots of room for fast cars, pretty women, and blowing @#$% up! Also, we will most likely be having tank races, so BYOT. See y'all soon. The coordinates of the party are 25`39'N 62E.

-Sultan Mikhail Stein

OOC: We can say that this happens before the whole war thing to make things easier.

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Anderson stared at his invitation...

"Ah, what the heck, why not. I could use a vacation anyway."


Anderson took the hat off his face as the plane touched down at the nearest airport. "Well, time to get going, I guess," he commented to himself with a grin.

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