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IRC: #ODN on Coldfront

Why join the ODN?

- We're one of the top 10 alliances, and the oldest on the Orange Team

- We're the largest democracy in the game; we value everyone's opinion

- Nation building programs that are designed to keep your nation growing throughout your time in the ODN

- Our mentoring system to help get our Applicants up to speed

- The ODN's large, active community

- Our extensive nation building guides

- Protection against aggressors

- The ODN has rich history and is home to many of CN's most well known members

How to join the ODN

- Set your alliance affiliation to "ODN Applicant"

- Register Here - ODN Forums

- Apply Here - Post Your Oath

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I have a question about ODN, say I wanted to be a part of the ODN military, would I have to keep my nation strength at a certain level? And if so, how easy is it to get transferred up to the next level?

No- we encourage people to grow all the time. The military accommodates the nations, not the other way around.

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