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A PWNAGE Announcement

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The signatories of PWN and PWNAGE recognize the importance of a unified and stable Pink Team. This treaty brings the signatory alliances together to pursue an improved Pink Sphere through economic cooperation and prosperity.

Article 1 - Trades and Economics

The signatories shall be open to trading, tech dealing, donation dealing, and all other forms of economic cooperation with all signatories of both PWNAGE and PWN. The signatories shall work with all signatories on the PWN forums to enrich the Pink Sphere.

Article 2 - Structure

The signatories recognize that they are not members of PWN, but are economic partners to the signatories of PWNAGE and PWN. Signatory alliances are not required to support PWN signatory alliances in any militaristic, diplomatic, or financial actions. However, they are afforded the option to do so with the approval of PWN signatories.

Article 3 - Aggression

In no way is this agreement a non-aggression pact, nor is it defensive. Diplomatic avenues are of course encouraged for the resolution of any conflicts.

Article 4 - Promotion

Should members of PWN wish to give membership to any signatory alliance into PWN, they may do so. Likewise, should signatory alliances wish for membership into PWN, they may apply for membership following a 6 week tenure in PWNAGE.

Article 5 - Cancellation

Should any signatory of PWNAGE drop below 25% pink and make no visible effort to rectify the situation, said signatory will be expelled from PWNAGE by the signatories of PWN. If any signatory alliance wishes to remove themselves from this agreement, they may do so.


For the Independent Coalition of Nations:

Emperor Jack o lantern of Atlantiss

Founder Bloody of BloodNation

For The Centurion Brotherhood:

King Xander the Only, King of the Brotherhood

The Royal Centurion Court

For The Rage Company:

Triumvirate: Comrade Goby, StOAKEd, Nigras

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Caustic

Minister of Internal Affairs: Sputnik

Minister of Finance: Deez Nuts

Minister of War: Raging Chaos

Note: Bel Air and the LSF are also signatories of PWNAGE as they are signatories of PWN.

We happily welcome Rage Co. into PWNAGE, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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