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Announcements from your Neighborhood Anarchist Alliance

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Yes, it is an important day for the DOA. Six months ago, exactly, the Democratic Order of Anarchy came into existence. We started out with 4 members and not even 40,000 in total nation strength. Now, we are six months old, with 19 members and are now over 150,000 in Nation Strength.


We have come a long way, granted, we have grown slowly, but have made the best of it. We have made many friends along our way, and have made a couple treaties with some of these friends. The DOA still has a long road ahead, and plans to continue on.

I would like to thank the GDA for being our protectors as CAN and BADGE for having treaties with us. We will continue to grow and learn, and take our place on the global stage of Planet Bob.

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Congratulations, fellas. In my experience, I've found anarchists to be a generally likable bunch. In fact, INT has a large population of members who subscribe to the teachings of Bakunin, Proudhon, Kropotkin, Goldman, and the like (myself included).

Keep on waving the circle-A.


Don't think they are that type of anarchy.

none-the-less this is slick sickness.

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