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The Huns Offical flag

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Such a great theme. Such a bad looking flag. I'm disappointed.

i will tell you why i put this stuff on there...it ain't bad

1. the black outlining and the " H " above the axe stands for the huns, we are black team

2. the purple outlining and the " i " in the right top corner stands for invicta, our protector

3. the red corners and the " C " in the bottom left corner stands for crimson guard, our friend

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It's a nice concept for a flag, especially because it holds particular meaning for you. I really would consider asking someone skilled in graphic design [OOC: photoshop etc] to touch it up for you and make it a lot cleaner. Plenty of generous people around the Cyberverse, I'm sure you could find someone to do it for no fee.

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Overall, an excellent concept for a flag. One small point - might it be better to choose a different weapon to be displayed? While the Huns were not the Mongols, there references made to your alliance certainly evoke a "Mongol" feel which might lend better to a bow-and-arrow or horse archer. Just my opinion.

That being said, good luck with your alliance. Invicta will steer you well.

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Here is what i could offer to you !



- "flag" sized

- Better image quality

- a more accepted way to "design flag (the square sized you used is cool but it renders poorly imho in a rectangular form)

- The official sign of Mongolia inside

- I kept the letter H I C

Ready to discuss it ^^

I like your theme !

PS: I hope it's not rude to offer a "new" flag while you so happily publish yours... but i felt you could benefit from some redesign... and if you're not happy with it, I could easily 'redo" exactly yours with high quality graphics render...

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