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UINE's New Loven

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Hello everyone! Its been a while since our last update so I figured I would take it upon myself to update you guys... That means that its 3:00AM and I am too lazy to actually get inform the rest of my GOV that I am posting an update on our behalf. However, we have lots of AWESOME announcements that we want you to be aware of:

1st... Growth

UINE took a huge hit by Jenn and her hacking our server, and her recruiting our membership, etc... however out of the ashes we have worked on ways to grow even faster!! We are also picking up membership and I think that you will find many great advancements out of UINE.

2nd... Love

We have set up a new imageboard for ourselves, and our friends... we encourage all of you to check out the boards at http://img.cnsource.info (a key benefit of these boards is the ability to stay anon) this will take you to the index page of all of our current imageboards, if your alliance wants one... feel free to ask. CNSource.info was the site that was created to redevelop projects such as the INC Calculator, however, no dedicated PHP developers have stepped forward to work on the project (even though we are offering 500 tech and 15M to successfully get the script back up and working)

Finally... 3th.... Future:

There seems to be some shuffling around with the final nail in the coffin for the great war... but please know that UINE isn't going anywhere, and we are not interested in merging into anyone else... though we are always willing to listen to proposals to merge into us. We are growing back up to where we were and when we reach that level our membership will be stronger, and more dedicated.

<3 We love all of you thats our update, make sure you guys stop by http://img.cnsource.info

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Times that amount by a hundred and you may get some bits.

The script is already done, it just needs to be touched up to be brought back up-to-date. There is hardly 2-3 pages of code to edit ( >.5mb of code) so I highly doubt that that amount of work is worth 50000T and 1500M

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Seems like this is just an excuse to make ANOTHER announcement about this person. I get she wronged you, but by continually bringing it up publically you do yourselves a disservice. Never forget privately, of course, and remain vigilent. Publically, however, you are best to move on.

Also LOL at those logs you posted... she's absolutely right about you (personally; not necessarily UINE).

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LOL the funny thing is... The Jenn story was just filler space.

I really wanted to push the new imageboards... but didn't want to make a thread saying "we have imageboards here they are... bye" >.< lol I guess next time I will just stick to the topic.

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