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NOVA's electrons get excited!


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For a while now NOVA has been developing its ideals and practices so that one day we would arise into the political scheme of CN with solid and unbreakable beliefs. This I'm afraid has been found to be an unachievable goal as we now realize that we will forever be changing and growing our principles as all of this is based on the beliefs of our membership, which is constantly changing, adapting and debating. So today, we announce our 're-establishment' as a democratic, idealistic alliance with great prospects of the future, based on the input of the peoples.

We would also like to notify CN that NOVA is in fact a politically yellow sphere alliance. We do not require our nations to be on the yellow sphere, but we do encourage so. This is mainly for younger nations or those seeking to find re-establishment as an economically prosperous nation. We are also very much so an insistent believer of spheric-stability and unity.

Alongside this we have several changes, big and small, to announce. So here they are:

NOVA's New Website!:


-A huge applaud goes to Demag for this achievement!-

Our New Flag!:



Our War Flag:



Our New Video!:

-It gets better as you watch, trust me.-

NOVA Charter 2.0!:


-Latin FTW :awe:-

Our Current Relations:


-o/ OH HAI-

Our Updated Wiki:


-Updated wiki? Thats a first..-

Our new Fantastic Four Bloc!

Announcement: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=60898

Forums: http://f4.cn-nova.org/index.php

IRC: #TFF on coldfront

So besides the sweetness listed, theres a hella-lot more back at headquarters for those with an academic brain to indulge upon. Including the foundations of several projects such as intelligence and advanced special forces operations all ready to be integrated, all thats required is people willing and capable to undertake the opportunity. So those of you ready to be a major part of a revolutionary alliance, start thinking about where your current alliance is taking you or whether your happy to sit idle in such an exciting time.

All diplomats and likewise are invited to visit for cookiez, hardcore techno and partyz (and establish embassies at some point). All striving players of CN are invited to join NOVA and join the innovations. Our IRC channel is #NOVA on coldfront.

My resignation from Imperatorship:

Alongside our greatest announcement ever, I am also announcing my resignation as Imperator and Demag's ascension to the throne. Its been a long, hard and interesting road I have had leading NOVA, one that could have certainly gone better, but one that I have enjoyed, learnt from and smile infinitely upon. There is not one experience that I can truthfully say I hated and I would like to thank every member, those before them and the foreign cookies for the great times. It was not an easy decision to make, but one that I believe is in the best interest for NOVA and its membership. Demag is more than capable of resuming the role of Imperator and I hope he serves everyone well. I will however always stay within NOVA, give as much help as possible and fight for its cause.



-HM4A1, 1st Imperator of NOVA


NOVA changes a LOT and I, HM4A1 resign as Imperator . Enjoy:

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You might want to work on that whole "sphere unity" speech with only 37% on yellow. Do more than encourage because you've been claiming you're yellow since you're existence but have never held 50% of your AA on yellow.

I must congratulate NOVA on their internal agreements for change and hope they take this time to realize they need to do more on yellow if they wish to continue claiming they're part of the sphere.

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I know I and many others will miss HM's wise leadership of the then ACF and now NOVA, he will be sincerely missed. I was pleased to read however that you will still be in NOVA :D

I would also like to congratulate Demag's on his appointment, I know him well, and am confident he is more than suitable for the role of Imperator :)


o/ HM

o/ Demag!

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