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They Say....

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...It's All About to End.



Itova Declaration of War

Itova activates the Mutual Defense Clause in our treaty with Umbrella, and hereby recognizes a state of war with the alliance known as the Ordinary Men Fighting Giants.


danizduhman, Triumvir

coolgreen44, Triumvir

gawz_one, Triumvir

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ok then, hope you find slots.

They have lower range nations, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

I was surprised they got a chance to war. Itova was having some major blueballs for a while.

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Let's cross swords! And I mean that in the cool way, not the 2 dudes having their way with a girl but happen to cross their "swords"-way... ^_^

Way to lower the tone... typical dutchman :rolleyes:

We in OMFG appreciate all the attention y'all are lavishing on us.

This is the first time I've heard the name 'Itova' before (the reverse was probably true for you) but no doubt we'll be coming lot closer in the coming days. See ya on the battlefield.

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