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Forum abuse section, is it becoming a weapon?


Has the player reporting inappropiate forum behavior gone to far?  

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*request move to moderation area

I was just wondering how people felt about the forum abuse section of the moderation portion of the forums. I don't expect anything to be done about it, just i believe that discussing this issue can be useful for the admins.

The forum abuse section is becoming increasingly filled with people whinning about everything - these days it seems like you can't say a single word on the forums without someone reporting you. I mean, seriosly, you could get a warning for having a picture with words on it? http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=56063 or http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=56065 The first link is a picture of a person telling someone they area a cry baby and the second picture is a picture of a band wagon. Comon guys, is this what on planet bob have gone to? Trying to become the number one alliance by getting others deleted? These posts are not offending, they are stating ones opinion.

Another point is that people are starting to realise how easily people can get warned on our using it to their advantage to gain the upper hand ingame. I don't need to use a link as a proof for this (just go to the report forum abuse, u will see for yourself that it is the same old group of people reporting the same old things. They claim to be helpingmodderators out (which to be fair they do) but it has become to the point, in my opinion where stupid things are being reported that get nations deleted, some of whom have use real life cash to help support the site (yes, i know, donations don't ensure protect). This may in fact becoming what modern day cn warefare is if current trends continue : P

I would like to also add that if people are becoming more and more sensitive to what people say on these forums and get offended easily. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=56005 is an example of this. He isn't trolling, he is stating an opinion. It is sad when instead of discussing the issue (private channel ftw so u don't derail the thread) they choose to report someone for simple disagreeing with an issue. People need to grow some thicker skin, or quit pretending that it hurts their feelings. I don't know many people that sensitive in real life, which leads me to conclussion they are faking it. Why are they faking it? See point number two.

Sorry if this is the wrong place, i haven't really started a topic like this .. . Let the debate begin i guess : p


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I didn't realize all of the silly nonsense you could get warned for until I visited the forum abuse section of these forums. Throw in some mod bias and that section can get way out of control.

Anyone who chooses the 3rd option is simply naive. It is used as a weapon, the only debate is whether or not it makes an impact on the forum posts or gameplay.

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I'd say that people are 'looking for reasons' to report others -- in other words, I think that given the current state of global discord, that it might be better to disable reports, or give extra leniency to nations being reported for in forum 'violations'.

I'm not saying that people should get to call people <expletives not inserted in the first place>, but I'm saying that except for gross violations, (EG a 1024*768 signature image, and/or one with graphic nudity, for example), the policy should be "delete offending signature, but no warn level increase, at least not beyond 40%".

On the other hand, I'd have to say that the majority of the CN nations are ruled by 14 year olds without even the slightest idea of 'diplomacy' (EG think that screaming "MINE!" is diplomatic), and are convinced that they cannot be wrong, and that everyone who disagrees is obviously a Nazi, Neo-Nazi, KKK member, Al Queda, or some other hate/extremist group.

Oh, wait, I think I also just described RL leaders.

I think that Admin should start enforcing a "bad faith" report punishment. Anyone reporting in bad faith should get their warn level raised.

Also, I think that (except for bad faith bans), forum bans should not result in the nation being deleted -- because this does disrupt the balance in the war.

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Whether or not people use it to inflict harm upon their enemies is irrelevent - the enemies are breaking the rules of this forum and should be warned anyway. It just makes our job easier. Remember, just because something is reported, doesn't mean we have to take action on it. Many things are reported, in war or in peace that are trivial and not worth a warn.

Please note that we're not dumb, we will notice if you have a penchant for reporting certain people or groups, and we will certainly notice people who are excessively reporting minor things and are clearly attempting to abuse the system. We can and will take action against people who we deem are out to abuse the system.


Also meatbags, we don't really care about your big fancy war. Breaking rules in wartime is still as much of a crime as it is in peacetime.

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