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  1. When a nation reaches bill lock, there is absolutely nothing that the nation can do for an alliance. Should the nation just stay there? Keep eating nuke after nuke and do nothing about it while the ability to pay for continues to add time tell they are able to exit bill lock. That isn't fair for nations. Yes, you are right, the nation should learn to keep a war chest. That is not a good enough excuse to justify not allowing the nation surrender and not have to worry about getting attacked while in bill lock. What it all comes down to is the ability to wage war successfully and a nation
  2. Will 64 digits respond to this attack with their odp? Either way, cheers to Non Grata showing Legion how to defend its sovereignty
  3. Personally, I would like more of a challenge : D Peace mode warriors don't produce good fireworks
  4. Acti anarchies: 12 Olympus Anarchies: 17 If Acti is fail, Olympus must be more fail.
  5. Heres what happened I declared war on a nation and i deployed 8,000 troops to attack. At the time i was currently at war with several other nations. So i started attacking. Well, while i was attacking, the nation i had jus declared loged on and attacked me back. For some odd reason, this made all of my troops go home . . . and i couldn't deploy. Why did they get sent home???? I should also say I have dieal up internet and it has trupbe loading recent pages with cybernations. For instance, IT will register how my nation wast before my last action - unless i refresh (rather annoying if y
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