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CN Radio Re-organization update!


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The new station management team that consists of myself, bros, hawk_11 and Moo-cows (TrotskysRevenge) is working hard to get the radio back to being bigger and better than ever. We are still located on coldfont in #cn-radio.

We had a great listener base over the weekend, my impromptu show on Friday attracted 139 listeners, bros show on Saturday got 80 listeners and my other impromptu show on Sunday night got 73. Granted a lot of this is most likely due to the war rumors, but it is good to see we are attracting you guys and gals to listen when you have the time!

We have started a facebook group for anyone who is interested in joining. Just do a search for Cybernations Radio.

We are currently accepting applications for new DJ's at www.thecastlehall.com. If you want to apply register on the forums and request a Radio mask and we will get you hooked up. Remember not everyone will be accepted and we will run out of room on the sched. But we will do our best to accommodate you.

With the new applications means new DJs and a new schedule. We hope to have a new schedule out by Wednesday. Don't worry some of your favorite DJ's like Mogar, ElectronSponge, theArrow, MagicalTrevor, Caffine and Kahlan Rahl will still be on staff as well as some new talent!

Last but not least, Ejayrazz is going to be making another Rap in regards to all the war rumors going around. Submit your ideas and suggestions to him so he can get those creative juices flowing!

That's all we have for now. I will post another thread as soon as everything gets settled. And thank you all for listening and contributing, if it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't be here!



CN Radio Station Co-Manager

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Also guys, we are trying to think of some fun contests (well at least me), so stay tuned into the radio!

Oh, and suggest stuff for me to upload to the auto DJ before I get drowned in queries.

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