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Operation Augusta


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Berlin, New Hampshire

Two Army generals are sitting at a desk at an Army base in Berlin, New Hampshire. They had just received orders from Boston, one regarding their neighbor, New France...

"So, everything's all planned out?"

"Yes, we've got it all in place. Now the only one thing to consider is international opinion. I hope the world won't look at the Republic of New England in a negative light, after all."

The person smiled and shook his head. "Would they do that to us for restoring law and order to a lawless place? I doubt that..."

The other general remained silent as he mulled over this. Finally, he nodded. "Very well. If the government knows what it's doing, then it knows that it's doing. Operation Augusta is now implemented. So God help us."

The two generals gathered their documents and stood up, shaking hands.

It had now begun.


The sudden collapse of our neighbor, New France, had left the government in Boston with the unsettling possibility of lawlessness and anarchy in the aforementioned region, known as Maine. So the Republic of New England has decided upon a course of action: to take over the region as a basis of restoring peace, law, and order.

So, it was decided that only 50,000 soldiers of the First Division of the New England Army was to be sent into the region. Their objective was simple: to occupy the cities of Augusta and Portland, and restore law and order at the earliest opportunity. To reassure public opinion at home and aboard, President John F. Kennedy gave a televised speech to the nation and the world, assuring that it wasn't an "aggressive military action against another state, but rather...an operation to restore peace, law, and order. After all, it is our duty to combat lawlessness and anarchy every chance we can, and this is it. This is entirely peaceful, you have my word."


President Kennedy signs a document authorizing the start of Operation Augusta

Shortly after giving the speech, Kennedy duly signed papers authorizing the implemention of Operation Augusta. "Now, let's hope and pray for the best." He remarked to an aide as he picked up his phone to telephone the Ministry of Defense and the Military High Command.


Orders arrived from the Military High Command to begin the operation. Soldiers of the 50,000-strong First Division thus crossed the border, heading toward the cities of Portland and Augusta, along with others. If everything went according to plan, the operation would be over within five hours, at the least.

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OOC: Dick move, Jed.

OOC: Thanks. >__>

IC: After several hours of advancing, encountering virtually no resistance, the First Division reached Portland, occupying the city. Peace, law, and order was quickly imposed in Portland as a 'interim government' was established. Other elements of the First Division continued to make its way toward Augusta, occupying cities, towns, and villages along the way.

Later on, the First Division entered Augusta, and continued on toward the northern border. The occupation of the border cities of Fort Kent, Van Buren, Calais, and Eastport signaled the end of this phase of the operation. The First Division reached the western border after traversing the Appalachian mountain range with little difficulty. The whole region was now under New England's control. Operation Augusta was a success.

Immediately, the Army went to work at the new border, setting checkpoints, establishing crossing points, and other similiar measures.

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OOC: He was banned because JED reported him. :/

OOC: Hmm...that makes a little more sense.

OOC: Does it matter who reported him? Someone would have saw it I imagine. Anyway, JED said he'd null his RP if he came back.

OOC: I actually vote for it not being discontinued if the guy comes back, but being some kind of blunder on the part of both parties.

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