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What UINE has a merger already!


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The UINE is proud to announce that we have some new roomates, UAE, moving in! We have indeed come to a very important agreement, one which will be best for both UAE members and UINE members, together friends the world is ours for the taking :). The UAE will be merging into the UINE, effective immediately. All members of UAE are hereby protected by UINE and, by extension, ARES for the period of 7 days or until the merger is complete.

For those of you who care (i.e: UINE, UAE, ARES, NpO, YUC, CBS, SMF) This merger will bring the UINE up to 73 members!

Anyone wanna help? These guys have alot of stuff to carry over <_<

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Will you be keeping that vastly superior flag of theirs?

Congratulations either way.

pshhh, penguins are good for two things, eating and being Imperial Advisers.

yummm..... penguin burger :lol:

congrats on the merger guys

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Maintaining internal stability will be interesting.

We will be keeping a close eye on this situation, making sure nothing gets out of hand. Keve is a fine ruler, and I have full confidence in his ability to succeed.

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Ill help move but pizza and beer must be provided.

Also, good luck!

Dude, your the only who proposed to help move, and with all the beer and pizza we had bought :P, jeez you are going to get REALLY hammered!

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