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FAN Seeks Invicta's Help to End Hostilities With NPO

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Earlier this evening I received the following PM from FAN:

<Arsenal[FAN]> Has Haflinger talked to you about it yet?

<Jorost> o I'm afraid not.

<Jorost> No that is.

<Jorost> I was off until a short time ago.

<Arsenal[FAN]> Ah, okay.

<Arsenal[FAN]> You should probably hear it from him, then.

<Jorost> Well I am the president!

<Jorost> You can tell me.

<Arsenal[FAN]> It is not a matter of trust.

<Arsenal[FAN]> But it would best be served by a member of your administration.

<Jorost> I'm easy.

<Jorost> And TBH I don't know when Haf will be back.

<Arsenal[FAN]> I am afraid the news is not good.

<Jorost> Well then just rip off the band aid my friend!

<Arsenal[FAN]> That would be unkind, wouldn't it?

<Jorost> Meh.

<Jorost> Faster.

So it's fair to say at this point I was intrigued. I'd never heard of Arsenal, but FAN...? The plot thickened:

<Arsenal[FAN]> Well, here's the deal.

<Arsenal[FAN]> We're still at war with NPO.

<Arsenal[FAN]> We were hoping you could use your pull with NPO to get us off the hook.

<Arsenal[FAN]> In exchange, we will deliver 5000 tech in each of April, May, and June.


Now, I realize that I am not well known on the OWF. So you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that I am not known for being tongue-tied. But I was tongue-tied. I literally had no response to this. If it had been an in-person conversation I would have been agape and stammering "Um... ah... um..." So I tried to buy time:

<Jorost> This isn't an April Fool's joke is it?

<Arsenal[FAN]> It is 11:19 PM by my clock.

<Jorost> Fair enough.

<Jorost> What would our argument for letting you off be? I guess I'm asking you to state your case.

<Arsenal[FAN]> Okay.

I settled in for waht promised to be, if nothing else, an interesting story...

<Arsenal[FAN]> Yeah, it's an April Fools jome.

<Arsenal[FAN]> *joke

<Jorost> lol

<Arsenal[ODN]> Sup?

O... D... N...!!!

We will get you for this...


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