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New Cultural Center Under Construction


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The new Cultural and Arts Center has opened in Vaer Rannar. There will be an exhibit from each of the member states of the DB. We will attempt to get an exchange program for cultural exhibits for non-member states. There is hope that eventually every city in the Dragon Bloc will have a CAC. In the upper floors there will be the cultural exhibits. In the undergorund section, there will be art galleries, a library and also, a government funded publishing company.

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"Dragonisia is amazed at the creativity demonstrated by the Andorians. We shall send a delegation promptly to review the facilities and see how to put our best face forward on the project as well as begin accepting proposals and suggestions from the populace as to what they would have us display. I am, in fact, anxious to see the opening of this project." Tom Clark would note.

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OOC: I question it's structural strength. I see lots of angled glass and a heavy roof.

OOC: I KNEW my psychic senses were tingling!

Its also a design. A concept art image. Not the damn blueprint itself. Close, but not it. I also very, VERY easily found the webpage where it is here.

It may not hold up. Maybe. But there are plenty of wierd buildings that look like they won't stand, but they do anyways.

EDIT: Here is a sideview:


EDIT 2: The back appears to hold up the building.

freakwars, look up your buildings! :P It helps ALOT.

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