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Sons of Chaos announcement

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LILITALY, Prince of Chaos steps out of the basillica into the capital city's center. He is surrounded by armed royal guards. Citizens gather around to hear the announcement from his majesty.

Sons of Chaos official announcement:


(A Mutual Defense with Optional Aggression Pact between the Sons of Chaos and Super Mario Force)

Preamble –

The friendship between both the Sons of Chaos and Super Mario force has not been a long one, though, it has been a good one, now we shall set it in stone!

…if only stone had a cancellation period.

Article I – Like Hippies…Yeahhhhh Mannnnn

Both signatories of this treaty must remain peaceful with each other at all times. If a nation of one signatory spies on and/or attacks a member of the other signatory the aggressor MUST declare peace and pay for reparations. The nation may also be brought under trial by either and both alliances for further punishment (such as expulsion from the alliance).

Article II – We got your back, you got ours.

A declaration of war on either, or both, signatories is NOT COOL. If one signatory is attacked, the other is expected to come to defend them, as if they were attacked themselves. Both signatories must make all attempts to attack in coordinated, effective fashion.

Article III – ATTACK!

At any point if a signatory engages in an offensive war the other is in no way obligated to take part in the war. Before the signatory engages in the war they are expected to explain the reasons/causes behind it, and the other signatory may decide whether they shall participate.


Information can be a critical thing. If a signatory ever receives information that is vial to the other they are highly obligated to share the information with the signatory. However, this SHALL and WILL NOT be used for the purpose of espionage, or the misleading of a signatories nations, it is intolerable. Passage of vital information should happen through secure channels only.

Article V – Actually…we should change that.

Any member of the signatories is welcome and encouraged to suggest amendments to this document, they will first be reviewed by the leaders of each signatories separately, then there will be a meeting scheduled to determine if there is any need for said amendment and to make necessary adjustments.

Article VI – Once you thought you sold your soul….

If for any reason the signatory wants to back out of this pact they must inform the other signatory 48 hours before stepping out. After this 48 hour period there will be a week long non-aggression pact.




-King of Chaos



-Supreme Deputy

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